NPD in action: Clean label supplements

Sep 2021

Clean label claims such as “natural,” “organic” or “no additives” have become standard across the food and beverage industry, including the supplement category. The definition of clean label is evolving, resulting in a greater variety of claims. An example is the plant-based claim, since consumers perceive plant-based foods as clean and healthy.


Nature’s Bounty Brain Superfood Dietary Supplement, 24 Vegan Capsules (United States). This brain support supplement features marigold, a source of lutein and zeaxanthin that provides as much of these ingredients in brain superfood as 23 cups of raw kale or 17 cups of cooked broccoli. Nourish your brain daily with plant-based antioxidants. Support brain health, short-term memory and concentration confidence in efficacy driven by familiar ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians. Free from GMO, artificial flavors or sweeteners, sugar, gluten, starch, milk, yeast, wheat, fish, sodium, lactose and soy.