NPD in action: Fortification & Reformulation

Jan 2022

Consumers are increasingly aware of how their diet can improve their health, and the COVID-19 pandemic has given functional nutrition an even greater priority. Vitamin and mineral fortification is observed among different food and beverage categories to add health benefits to a product. Vitamin and mineral fortified products often also feature other health claims such as gluten-free, high/source of protein and immune health.


Arya Orgo Energy Chocolate Flavored Protein Energy Drink (India). Chocolate flavored protein energy drink powder in a 300g plastic flat pouch, held in a carton folded box. 100% vegetarian. Made with organic ingredients. Enriched with vitamins and minerals. Ideal protein drink for growing children. Meets 50% of daily protein requirements. Enriched with essential micro nutrients. Provides energy. No added artificial flavor and preservatives. FSSAI certified.