Study: Lower Dosage Carnipure Supplementation May Have Effects on Weight Management

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27 Feb 2013 --- During the four-weeks study, 24 overweight adults were split into 4 groups: group A received a daily Carnipure supplement (500 mg L-carnitine), group B received the Carnipure supplement combined with motivation training, group C received placebo and group D placebo plus motivation training.

--- A new study confirmed the role of Carnipure (l-carnitine from supplier Lonza) supplementation combined with healthy lifestyle education on the success of weight management programs. The primary objective of this pilot, double-blind, randomized, placebocontrolled clinical trial conducted by the Japanese Clinical Research Organization Souken was to examine the effect of Carnipure tartrate providing a low dose of L-carnitine on weight management and energy metabolism-related parameters in overweight but healthy human subjects.

During the four-weeks study, 24 overweight adults were split into 4 groups: group A received a daily Carnipure supplement (500 mg L-carnitine), group B received the Carnipure supplement combined with motivation training, group C received placebo and group D placebo plus motivation training. Motivation training included a 30 minute face-to-face session with the study investigator, as well as a 15 minute session 2 weeks into the study, in which subjects received detailed information about the metabolic function of L-carnitine as well as the impact of lifestyle changes with regard to metabolic diseases. They were also instructed to increase their daily activity, use a step counter, reduce calorie intake and use a food diary while monitoring their body weight on a daily basis.

Only subjects in group B, who received the combination of Carnipure and motivation training, showed a statistically significant reduction in body weight after the four week supplementation period, while there were no significant changes in body weight in any of the other groups. In addition, group B also showed the largest decrease in blood triglyceride levels among all the groups. Until now, the majority of clinical trials have used higher daily doses of L-carnitine for various reasons. This is the first study showing an effect of a daily 500 mg L-carnitine supplement on body weight.

It is well-known that caloric intake alone does not determine an individual’s body weight. Many other factors also play a role, first and foremost the level of physical activity as the main consumer of energy. There is no magic bullet among available food supplements on the market that can decrease body weight considerably without additional alterations to diet and exercise routines. “Although this pilot trial involved only a small number of people per group, the results are significant. Carnipur supplementation in combination with lifestyle changes can help decrease body weight”, comments Mike DeGennaro, Global Head Human Nutrition at Lonza. Carnipure is high quality L-carnitine, a nutrient essential for energy metabolism. Its primary role is the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are broken down to generate energy. Decreasing fat mass while preserving muscle mass is the goal of long  term, sustained weight management. To decrease fat mass, fat stores must be broken down and used for energy. Independent trials have confirmed that Carnipure™ supplementation can increase this process.

Data are published in the February issue of Food and Nutrition Sciences (Vol 4, No 2), and can be found at the following URL:

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