FiE 2017: Sugar reduction, proteins and performance dominate in Frankfurt

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Sweet&You is a 360° reformulation service to optimize nutritional profile, cost-efficiency, taste and texture in customers’ product formulations. Thanks to this new offer, Tereos intends to turn market challenges, such as sugar reduction or consumers’ ever-changing eating habits, into opportunities. To do so, Tereos delivers, with Sweet&You, a high-level service and a fast time-to-market. Sweet&You allows the company to leverage their global presence, wide expertise and extensive R&D capabilities, to create unique formulas tailored to one’s needs. As a market leader, Tereos has the widest range of plant-based sweetening solutions available. Today, Tereos offers more than 400 different sweetening ingredients: from sugar and cereal sweeteners to stevia, from reduced to no calories sweetening products.



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