FiE 2017: Sugar reduction, proteins and performance dominate in Frankfurt

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Fiberstar Inc. has launched Citri-Fi 125, a natural citrus fiber used to improve tomato-based food products by replacing starches and gums in sauces, condiments and spreads. Today, more than ever, consumers connect ingredients to the foods they eat by reading food labels. As a result, consumers expect recognizable, short and transparent labels, which are driving the need for clean label ingredients. “We are in an excellent position to grow with the projected clean label demands and we continue to invest in new clean label technologies and additional production for the future,” says Fiberstar President and CEO, John Haen. “This new use for our flagship Citri-Fi product comes timely, as our customers are looking to replace starches and gums in various foods such as meats, sauces, beverages and baked goods to improve label declarations,” he explains.



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