Fi Europe & Ni 2019: Clean label, sugar reduction and naturality drive innovation “golden era”

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Fi Europe & Ni: Clean label, sugar reduction and naturality drive "golden era" of innovation
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Vitafoods Europe 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, demonstrated how companies are expanding into new segments and exploring untapped markets, spurring new innovation in nutritional ingredients. We take a look at some of the big product launches and new concepts from this year’s event, which took place between May 10 to 12.
The in-cosmetics Global trade show held in Paris, France (April 5 to 7) spotlighted industry’s latest product developments, which include upcycled skincare ingredients, microbiome-friendly personal care solutions and clean beauty innovations. At the exhibition, PersonalCareInsights was on the show floor speaking to key suppliers for their exclusive highlights on each of...View More
The Natural Products Expo West spotlighted organic and clean label food innovation with a look at the trends shaping the almost US$300 billion industry. Notable highlights include plant-based flavoring technologies, natural preservation ingredients, low sugar and salt solutions, and functional beverages.
2021 saw both a continuation of the pandemic-driven trends of 2020, as well as a return to some periods of “normality,” with in-person trade shows making a comeback. This helped drive industry innovation via acquisitions and launches, with key themes including personalization and tightening regulations around ingredient safety. NutritionInsight takes a look back at...View More