CPhI Worldwide 2021: Naturality and appealing delivery formats in the spotlight

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CPhI Worldwide 2021
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2021 saw both a continuation of the pandemic-driven trends of 2020, as well as a return to some periods of “normality,” with in-person trade shows making a comeback. This helped drive industry innovation via acquisitions and launches, with key themes including personalization and tightening regulations around ingredient safety. NutritionInsight takes a look back at...View More
Last week, food and beverage industry members gathered at Fi Europe in Frankfurt, Germany (Nov 30-Dec 2). Notable themes included plant-based and non-dairy innovation, sugar reduction ingredients, clean label stabilizers and alternative proteins. The spotlight was also on natural and organic solutions, immunity-boosting and nutritional products, while sustainability played a...View More
This year’s in-person iteration of Vitafoods Europe was held in Geneva, Switzerland, between October 5 and 7. Immunity was a key focus, although attention is increasingly shifting toward mood and mental health.
2020 will no doubt be remembered as the year defined by COVID-19. The pandemic, which picked up steam just as people were settling into the new year, rendered vast swathes of society unrecognizable in a matter of weeks. Within the nutrition industry, it led to a major emphasis on immunity, presenting a major opportunity to the companies able to overcome the supply chain chaos...View More