Plant-Based Protein Manufacturing Summit 2024

Duration:10 Apr 2024 - 11 Apr 2024
Event:Plant-Based Protein Manufacturing Summit 2024
Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Organizer:C5 Group Inc.
Website: ..
Event Details:

In recent years, consumer demand for plant-based protein has often outpaced the industry’s supply chain capabilities. As the alternative protein sector continues to grow, building the ingredients, infrastructure, investment, services, and manufacturing ecosystem will be critical to deliver innovative and delicious foods that not only meet the needs of the consumer but also business objectives both now and in the future.

This summit will bring together leading businesses in the plant-based food and beverage industry with co-manufactures and innovative equipment and solution providers to explore key challenges and opportunities in effectively scaling up plant-based production and manufacturing to successfully meet the growing demands of the consumer. This event will facilitate collaboration and partnerships and provide key insights to allow companies to effectively scale upstream and downstream processing, implement innovative technologies and create a flexible and efficient supply chain for plant-based products.

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Interplay between caloric restriction and signaling proteins crucial to heart health, study finds

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NPEW 2024 live: Spotlight on innovations from AI and bioactives

19 Mar 2024 --- Alina Slotnik, Brightseed’s VP of bioactives and Swati Kalgaonkar, the company’s medical and scientific affairs director, detail the F&B applications of the company’s latest ingredient developed through AI — Bio Gut Fiber. They underscore opportunities for bioactives and the growing potential of AI in the nutrition industry, helping to predict consumer trends and increasing product efficiency.


Kaneka: Ubiquinol “wave” in fertility domain predicted

04 Mar 2024 --- Kaneka Ubiquinol, is an active form of coenzyme Q10, ubiquinol — Kaneka Coenzyme Q10 — a pioneer product that has been used to break ground in healthy aging, sports nutrition and heart health for roughly 15 years. Filip Van hulle, general manager at Kaneka Nutrients Europe reveals to Nutrition Insight that the dietary ingredient, which is extracted from yeast by a microbial reaction production method is poised to be the next big thing in male and female fertility formulations. The company is developing more stabilized forms that can be used in new functional food formats, with different concentrations of ubiquinol to best suit manufacturers' formulation needs. 


Biofach 2024 live: Dr. Heilbronner grows organic astaxanthin offering

19 Feb 2024 --- The complicated process of extracting an organic, plant-based astaxanthin molecule from red algae with CO2 extraction is a proprietary undertaking used by Dr. Heilbronner. We catch up with Dominik Heilbronner, the CEO and founder of Dr. Heilbronner who explains that their food supplements contain astaxanthin that is 6000 stronger than vitamin C in its benefits to cells, organs, anti-aging properties and inflammation relief.


Meati Foods: To the root of mycelium’s health and sustainability opportunities

24 Jan 2024 --- Harold H. Schmitz, chair of the scientific board for Meati Foods, dives into the latest research on the nutrition and sustainability potential of mycelium, or mushroom root. This core ingredient of Meati Foods’ meat alternatives is a nutrient-dense whole food source which requires less inputs than traditional protein sources. Schmitz illustrates how mycelium compares to other plant-based proteins and how Meati Foods could leverage the outcomes of the latest mushroom root review.