Plant-Based Protein Manufacturing Summit 2024

Duration:10 Apr 2024 - 11 Apr 2024
Event:Plant-Based Protein Manufacturing Summit 2024
Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Organizer:C5 Group Inc.
Website: ..
Event Details:

In recent years, consumer demand for plant-based protein has often outpaced the industry’s supply chain capabilities. As the alternative protein sector continues to grow, building the ingredients, infrastructure, investment, services, and manufacturing ecosystem will be critical to deliver innovative and delicious foods that not only meet the needs of the consumer but also business objectives both now and in the future.

This summit will bring together leading businesses in the plant-based food and beverage industry with co-manufactures and innovative equipment and solution providers to explore key challenges and opportunities in effectively scaling up plant-based production and manufacturing to successfully meet the growing demands of the consumer. This event will facilitate collaboration and partnerships and provide key insights to allow companies to effectively scale upstream and downstream processing, implement innovative technologies and create a flexible and efficient supply chain for plant-based products.

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