NewsBite Podcast (June 8-12): “DSM snaps up Erber for US$1bn, Activ’Inside in US$19m collaboration to fight cognitive decline in elderly”

 15 Jun 2020

In this week’s episode of the NewsBite podcast, NutritionInsight reports on numerous acquisitions, including those from DSM, Chr. Hansen and Nestlé Health Science. Meanwhile, research is booming in spaces including respiratory infections and the microbiome. 

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DSM snaps up Erber for US$1bn as it prioritizes acquisitions

Nestlé Health Science’s HMOs slash respiratory tract infections in infants with cow’s milk protein allergy

Activ’Inside in US$19m collaboration to fight cognitive decline in elderly

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The UK government was described as “taking a step back” on banning certain products which was earlier implied. FrieslandCampina continued its expansion in immune health with probiotics, and Lallemand received recognition from the Canada Health Authority for probiotic strains for infant nutrition.

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This week’s NewsBite podcast details how mushrooms may help with alcohol addiction, how indigenous and enhanced crop seeds may be key in the fight against world hunger and how sugar may negatively impact the microbiome.