NewsBite Podcast (August 24-28): “Experts call for fiber labeling distinction, a2 Milk Company grows infant nutrition sector”

 31 Aug 2020

This latest episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast delves into the top industry news from last week, including proposals for new ways to discuss dietary fiber and synbiotics. There have also been moves in the infant nutrition space from businesses including the a2 Milk Company and Nestlé. 

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Fiber classification: ICQC report says labeling distinction is “strongly advised”

a2 Milk Company grows infant nutrition sector with US$176m Mataura Valley Milk deal

Chr. Hansen targets “different path” with expansion of microbial capacities

08 Aug 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how fast food may lessen the nutritional value of breastmilk and explores a new study that may have found a link between red meat and heart disease.

01 Aug 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how the EU plans to cut natural gas usage from August until March 2023, the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has become a humanitarian emergency and taurine supplements may aid healthy aging.

25 Jul 2022 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite Podcast delves into the potential of probiotics for women’s health, malnutrition fears in the UK and research into vitamin B6 as a nutrition-based intervention to tackle depression and anxiety.

18 Jul 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite Podcast details DSM’s call for industry action on tackling the micronutrient gap among the elderly. Pharmactive expanded in the sports nutrition segment while FYXX Health unveiled a vitamin-enriched cookie for healthy snacking.

11 Jul 2022 | CNS Media

This week's NewsBite podcast continues to report on updates on the US formula shortage as FDA presented a case-by-case framework to fill the supply shortage. The WHO unveiled a strategy to reach nutrition goals, and Kellogg’s lost a UK court case over the country’s high-sugar cereal promotion ban. 

04 Jul 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite Podcast delves highlights the potential of AHCC, an extract from the Japanese shiitake mushroom to clear HPV infection.The US is still trying to get  a grip on infant formula shortages with Abbott Nutrition and Bellamy’s Organic imports, while companies are eyeing partnerships, in a bid... Read More

27 Jun 2022 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite Podcast delves into industry criticism surrounding an FDA knowledge campaign about dietary supplements, accusing it of being too focused on the risks. A study argues vitamin supplements are a “waste of money” while the UK government is eyeing industry education amid a CBD boom in food... Read More

20 Jun 2022 | CNS Media

This week's NewsBite Podcast delves into research on the gut microbiome and guidelines to increase diet-microbiome-host connections. Industry is seeing increased interest in psychedelics while the UK government was criticized over its food strategy report. 

13 Jun 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details steps taken by the USDA to tackle critical infant formula shortages sweeping the US. Meanwhile, a study finds that muscle stem cells have been proven to be resilient to stress from fasting. Researchers have also found that detecting genetics from the placenta may identify... Read More

08 Jun 2022 | CNS Media

In nutrition industry developments this week, a partnership formed in the alternative milk space as Strive Nutrition introduced a line of plant milks formulated with Perfect Day’s cow-free whey protein with essential amino acids. The muscle-building beta amino acid beta-alanine was flagged as largely missing... Read More

30 May 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how UK supermarkets may see gene-edited tomatoes rich in vitamin D3 hit supermarket shelves. EU infant formula shipments to the US are accelerating, while DSM partnered with the World Food Programme to scale up rice fortification.

23 May 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details that the patented Affron by Pharmactive Biotech Products aids individuals with low mood. Meanwhile, Japanese Morinaga Milk has registered its probiotic in China as an ingredient in infant and toddler milk. After receiving clearance from the FDA, Abbott is set to reopen... Read More

16 May 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details FDA attempts to ensure infant formula amid shortages, Gelpell’s launch of its titanium dioxide-free soft capsules and dosage advice by Aker BioMarine on its Superba krill oil for skeletal muscle function.

09 May 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details the FDA crackdown on delta-8 THC and CBD products, while examining how Clasado Bioscience scored a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority on its Bimuno probiotic’s novel food status.

02 May 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how a combination of vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, and exercise may cut cancer risk by 61% within elderly populations. Probi’s net sales decreased 10% while Natreve and Perfect Day launched an animal-free whey protein.

25 Apr 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how peptides are the secret to unlocking AI innovations for active ingredients. Formulators are changing strategies by addressing mental health and gender, while  Oxfam is calling on the IMF to abandon austerity demands, as the crisis surrounding the cost of living fuels... Read More

19 Apr 2022 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast features consumer demands for regulated cannabis products and greater transparency across the supplements space with the NSF International and Wegmans Food Markets partnership. Also Frezzor New Zealand launched vitamin D3 derived from lanolin oil.