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    Offering a Reliable Source of Resveratrol

    06 June 2017
    Evolva have launched Veri-te, the brand for high-purity, sustainably produced resveratrol. Veri-te resveratrol is produced from the same natural fermentation process that has been used for years to make high-purity ingredients with uniform consistency, ranging from medicines to food ingredients.

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Special Report: New Ways to Cope with Diabetes

12 Jun 2017 --- Affecting approximately 380 million people worldwide, diabetes is a leading cause of range of ailments, including kidney failure, amputations, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. According to the Diabetes Research Institute, diabetes takes more lives on a yearly basis than AIDS and breast cancer combined. NutritionInsight looks at some of the most recent diabetes-related research and some of the novel approaches and solutions to tackling this condition.

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Evolva Signs European Distributor Agreements for Resveratrol Product

04 May 2017 – Evolva announced today that it has signed distribution agreements with BREKO and Natural for its Veri-te resveratrol in Europe. The company says these new partnerships are already bearing fruit with some of their existing customers switching established products to Veri-te and others developing new products with Veri-te resveratrol in growing consumer markets such as eye health, bone health and Beauty from Within. 


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