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    Offering a Reliable Source of Resveratrol

    06 June 2017
    Evolva have launched Veri-te, the brand for high-purity, sustainably produced resveratrol. Veri-te resveratrol is produced from the same natural fermentation process that has been used for years to make high-purity ingredients with uniform consistency, ranging from medicines to food ingredients.

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Evolva stands for a world where there is less sugar in your food, you and your family are safe from biting ticks, and your cat lives longer—and that’s just for starters. We aim to make such things possible by discovering, producing, and supplying innovative, sustainable ingredients — in particular for health, wellness and nutrition.

Resveratrol: A matter of healthy ageing

Resveratrol (see also http://veriteresveratrol.com/ ) is a polyphenol found in plants, peanuts, grapes, and berries to name a few. There is a significant and growing body of evidence that has shown that resveratrol can produce a positive impact on the systems that decline with age like heart, bone, and brain. Scientists have also found evidence that resveratrol can mimic the effects of a calorie-restricted diet. To date, some 9,000 studies have been published on resveratrol.

Learn more about resveratrol from our movie:Still from the animated resveratrol movie visualizing that Resveratrol can have a positive impact on various healthy ageing variables. Like bone health, blood glucose, insulin and blood pressure levels.

Still from the animated resveratrol movie visualizing that Resveratrol can have a positive impact on various healthy ageing variables. Like bone health, blood glucose, insulin and blood pressure levels.

Evolva’s resveratrol is the only resveratrol produced entirely by fermentation using yeast. It is made using natural and sustainable feedstocks and has a stable, traceable and reliable supply chain. Evolva’s resveratrol marks a major step forward for the category, which has been dominated by resveratrol sourced from China from the extract of an invasive and environmentally destructive weed. Our closed-system fermentation process avoids the possibility of environmental contaminants, such as Emodin and PAHs, and provides the desired consistency and purity (>98%) through a brewing process.

9,000 studies and counting
Resveratrol has been widely studied, with some 9,000 papers published to date. The NCBI library  provides access to many of these papers, click here to go there. Whilst resveratrol is perhaps most famous for driving significant extensions in life-span in animals, such effects have never been shown in humans. However, many studies in humans have shown positive effects on age-related health indications.

A thorough review of the literature on resveratrol’s effects was published by Novelle et al. in January 2015.

Evolva’s resveratrol has Self-Affirmed GRAS status in the United States and Novel Foods Approval for use in food supplement products in the EU.

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Nutrition & Health News  17 November 2017

Evolva to work with Northumbria University for studies on health benefits of resveratrol

17 Nov 2017 --- Evolva is entering a collaboration with Northumbria University’s Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre in the UK for a series of studies on Veri-te resveratrol. The collaboration will include human intervention studies that will assess the inter-relationships between obesity, gut health (through microbiota populations), systemic inflammation, cognitive function, cerebral blood flow and peripheral blood flow and how all of these factors can be modulated by resveratrol dietary supplementation.

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