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    New opportunities with microalgae based ingredients

    12 September 2017
    French headquartered Fermentalg produces oils, pigments and proteins through the bio-industrial exploitation of microalgae. Its primary markets are the human nutrition and animal feed sectors as well as the health industry. The company is looking to expand its reach with a wave of ingredient innovations to follow.

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Business News  20 April 2018

Fermentalg reports on Q1 revenue as US expansion begins

20 Apr 2018 --- Fermentalg, a French supplier of microalgae for nutrition and health, has reported first-quarter revenue of €232k whereas no income was recorded in Q1 2017. As of 31 March 2018, Fermentalg held gross cash and cash equivalents of €19.5 million compared to €21.8 million at 31 December 2017. Cash burn amounted to a €2.5 million outflow, stable compared to the previous quarter (excluding financing activities) and down €0.5 million from Q1 2017. Q1 was marked by progress achieved in bringing to market its DHA ORIGINS range of algal oils naturally rich in omega 3, as well as a US distribution agreement with Stauber, a leading North American supplier of specialty ingredients, the company reports. 

Nutrition & Health News  03 April 2018

Fermentalg DHA range to enter US market under new partnership

03 Apr 2018 --- French microalgae supplier Fermentalg has obtained Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status for its algal oils which are “naturally rich in omega 3” and they have signed a distribution agreement with Stauber for the US and Canada. These steps represent Fermentalg’ success in driving its DHA origins range on the US market.

Nutrition & Health News  07 March 2018

Fermentalg prepares second omega 3 product launch on back of 2017 investments 

07 Mar 2018 --- Fermentalg is to launch a new product, DHA Origins, as CEO Philippe Lavielle promises a “new chapter for 2018.” The product, which will be unveiled at VitaFoods Europe in May, follows Fermentalg’s first successful product launch of a DHA-rich algal oil in 2017. “Successful fund-raising” and investments in 2017 have paved the way for the new product, and the new year, Lavielle says. The news comes as the French microalgae supplier releases its annual finances, revealing annual cash assets at the end of 2017 of €21.8 million

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