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    Gut health improvement using ancient wheat – GoodMills Innovation

    08 December 2017
    GoodMills Innovation has introduced various products and concepts with a firm focus on health. The company’s healthy range includes ancient grain 2ab Wheat, light-colored whole grain flours and functional flours, which they exhibited this year at FiE. With the ancient grain variety 2ab, GoodMills Innovation has introduced a new product that the company says offers bakers a real alternative to conventional bread wheat. Bakery products made from 2ab flour are said to be particularly well tolerated, along with being convincing in taste and texture. NutrtionInsight spoke with Malte Schottmayer.  

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Health & Nutrition News  01 December 2017

GoodMills Innovation targets health and functionality with new concept range

01 Dec 2017 --- Milling company GoodMills Innovation has introduced various products and concepts with a firm focus on health. The company’s healthy range includes ancient grain 2ab Wheat, light-colored whole grain flours and functional flours.

Health & Nutrition News  03 November 2017

Wholesome: Large-scale study underpins the health benefits of whole grains

03 Nov 2017 --- Exchanging refined grain products – such as white bread and pasta – with whole grain varieties causes overweight adults to eat less, lose weight, leading to a decrease in the amount of inflammation in their bodies. These are some of the findings of Danish study headed by the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark. The study supports the scientific basis for the dietary recommendations of many countries to choose whole grains.

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08 August 2018

Function and health for powder solutions

At this year’s annual IFT Food Expo, Omya presented its Omyafood range, which consists of tailor-made calcium carbonate particles for powdered protein and vitamin premixes. The ingredients act as flow aids and anti-caking agents for the sports nutrition and vitamin supplement industries. Omyafood provides powdered sports nutrition products and vitamin supplements with multiple benefits. Adrian Jager, Director of Market Development & Innovation at Omya, further explains the versatile particles: “It’s something that caters to the growing sports nutrition market and it can be used in vitamin premixes,” he says. “It provides not only nutrition and calcium for these applications but also functionality. The functionality is highlighted in the flowability of the powder.”

07 August 2018

Protein fortification in mainstream applications

NZMP, Fonterra’s global ingredients brand, launched new innovative ingredients to its North American customers, including a unique fast-digesting milk protein concentrate, a range of protein-fortified desserts, and a unique medical RTD concept during the IFT Food Expo in Chicago last month. The versatility of NZMP’s functional protein range was showcased at IFT, with protein ice creams, dessert pudding and chocolates available to sample. NZMP Ingredients Americas – VP Dairy Nutrition, Ellen James, says, “We continue to invest in new ingredients to meet the needs of our North America customers and consumers. The team is looking forward to sharing these latest product innovations in Sports & Active Lifestyles and Medical Nutrition.”

27 July 2018

The launch of an almond based protein solution

At IFT 2018 in Chicago, Blue Diamond presented Almond Protein Powder, its newest innovation in almond ingredients. The product is claimed to set a new industry standard for clean, healthy, plant-based products that add value across multiple food categories. The significance of almond protein as a value-added inclusion in products spanning a wide range of food categories will not be lost on consumers. Among ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shake, bar and smoothie users, almond protein had significantly higher purchase intent than whey, soy, or pea protein. NutritionInsight spoke with Stephanie Daen of Blue Diamond, where the company showcased a number of applications featuring the new ingredient.

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03 May 2018

Top Ten Trends 2018: The Dairy Implications

Innova Market Insights’ Director of Innovation, Lu Ann Williams takes you inside dairy innovation today and discusses how the 2018 top ten trends will impact tomorrow’s dairy cabinet. Join us for 20 minutes of category defining dairy insights that you cannot afford to miss.

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06 February 2018

L-Carnitine – discover new market opportunities

First utilized as an essential ingredient in infant nutrition, the market potential of L-Carnitine has evolved in recent years to now provide beneficial support across multiple product categories. 

L-Carnitine is enjoying significant growth of almost 31 percent in food and beverages with sports-related claims when comparing 2012 and 2017 launch activity. Further innovation is taking place as the mainstreaming of sports nutrition accelerates.

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19 January 2018

Top 10 Trends for 2018: Sweet Inspiration

The leading trends driving development in snacks and confectionery are “Mindful Choices,” “Lighter Enjoyment,” “Positively Processed” and “Going Full Circle.”

Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights provides an overview of the key drivers in new product innovation and how they will impact the confectionery and snacks categories.

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