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    Award Winning Pea Protein for High Dispersibility

    11 July 2017
    Glanbia won an innovation award at IFT 2017 for their BevEdge Pea Protein. With a surprising ability to mix into beverages with ease, BevEdge is a game changer for powdered drink mix brands seeking to give consumers a superior experience. Unlike typical pea protein in drink mixes, our patent-pending BevEdge Pea Protein disperses immediately, is bland for easier flavoring, and expresses flavor better without typical pea notes. Made in the USA from Canadian yellow peas, BevEdge Pea Protein delivers the benefits consumers expect. It has a high level of protein, a clean ingredient statement (just label it as “pea protein”), as well as kosher, non-GMO, and gluten free certification. Available in regular and USDA-certified organic options, BevEdge significantly improves the consumer experience in meal replacement RTMs and in smoothie and yogurt toppings.

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Glanbia Nutritionals strengthens the science behind its whey-based weight management solution through a new study which is called Prolibra. The independent human clinical trials reveal a statistically significant reduction of up to 37.8 glycaemic index units in the blood after consuming Prolibra – good news for companies looking to launch healthy weight control products with a low GI claim. The glycaemic index (GI) measures how quickly foods release carbohydrates into the body, raising blood glucose levels. Low GI foods provide sustained energy release, promoting a feeling of satiety and delivering health benefits including weight management and reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. These latest results follow two earlier studies that underpin Glanbia Nutritional’s ongoing commitment to science-based solutions and confirm Prolibra’s strength as an ingredient for sustained weight loss. A rich source of calcium, Prolibra is an entirely natural high protein milk mineral complex suited to a wide range of applications including beverages, such as dairy, smoothies and ready-to-mix options, nutrition bars and snacks.

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Nutrition & Health News  17 May 2018

Glanbia targets modern lifestyle demands with new performance nutrition ingredients 

17 May 2018 --- Glanbia Nutritionals has launched two new performance nutrition ingredients for formulation in functional beverages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ignitor and WheyXR were developed to enhance amino acid release, allowing manufacturers to maximize the health benefits of protein supplementation. Both ingredients target the ever-expanding market for sports nutrition options and were included in its range of prototypes at this year’s Vitafoods Europe 2018, which showcased Glanbia’s portfolio and applications expertise.

Nutrition & Health News  25 April 2018

Performance boosters: Glanbia results boosted by nutrition businesses

25 Apr 2018 --- Glanbia nutrition group, Glanbia plc, has noted strong growth in its Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) sector, as well as promising volume growth from the Glanbia Nutritionals (GN) portfolio. Highlights include a 9.3 percent revenue increase from 2017 for GPN, and a 1.1 percent increase from 2017 for GN. The news comes from the release of the company's Interim Management Statement for the past three month period.

Business News  10 November 2017

Glanbia seals US convenience store expansion with major Kum & Go deal

10 Nov 2017 --- Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) has announced that beginning this week, 344 locations of the family-owned US convenience store Kum & Go will offer GNP's Cake Bites in the Chocolate Frosted Donut and Berry Cheesecake flavors. GPN’s Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites, described as “whipped, bite-sized cakes that satisfy snack cravings with high-quality dairy protein and much less sugar than most candy options.” 

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15 June 2018

article image Natural dairy ingredients for sports nutrition

Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a clean label naturally based dairy protein product primarily aimed at ready to mix powders: Truly Grassfed Protein. “This ingredient targets an audience in a means that is all about communication. Consumers now are much more interested in the messaging of the end product and its origin. So we have a product that is 95 percent certified grassfed WPI, which is all about certifying the cows that are on the grass and certifying the level of grass that they are consuming. It is also about communicating the animal welfare part of the messaging and basically that the cows are treated in a responsible manner,” says Paul O’ Mahony at the company.

28 September 2017

article image Seaweed extracts as potential nutritionals

For centuries, fucoidan-containing seaweeds have been prized for their dietary and therapeutic properties. Their medicinal properties have been particularly well documented in Asian cultures, where seaweeds have been used to address health conditions that range from nausea, congestion and inflammation through to abscesses and tumors. Despite this long history of seaweeds as medicinal agents, it was not until the twentieth century that fucoidan was first isolated and recognized for its therapeutic potential. A look at some of the latest work into this seaweed extract from supplier Marinova. 

08 September 2017

article image Untapped opportunities in the nutraceuticals space

Curcumin, one of the natural compounds present in the turmeric rhizomes has been focus of clinical investigations for management of several life style diseases or conditions such as Alzheimer, arthritis, liver disorders, hangovers, inflammation, hypercholesterolemia, allergy, asthma etc. Infact in the Indian Ayurvedic system, written several centuries ago, mentions Turmeric for its therapeutic activity for a management of wide variety of diseases. With increasing research into biological functions and activities of curcumin, another area of curcumin biology which is gaining lot of attention – its metabolites. Shaheen Majeed, CEO of supplier Sabinsa speaks to NutritionInsight about curcumin and other trending nutritionals. 

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