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    Combining Proteins for Optimal Performance

    26 May 2011 Aurelie Mauray of Roquette on Combining Proteins for Optimal Performance.

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The Roquette group, family enterprise is the world leader in polyols, pyrogen free raw materials, dry sugars, as well as one of the world’s major producers of starch and its derivatives.

Roquette basically converts four vegetables into raw materials essential to the industry. As a result, thanks to extracted starch from corn, wheat, potatoes or peas, the firm produces more than six hundred by-products.

Specifically, the range consists of:

•Starch product
•Sugars and dietary fibers 
•Derivatives of fermentation and chemistry products  
•Proteins and their derivatives   
•Fibers, oils and soluble products   

This broadly gives a glimpse into of the variety and high level of the technical nature of the industries that trust Roquette: human nutrition, paper and corrugated cardboard, fermentation, chemistry, pharmacy-cosmetology, and animal feed, to name the most significant ones.

This range likewise reflects the innovative spirit, diversification and effort toward quality, of which Roquette wishes to be the symbol.

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