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Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients, Probiotics

Bifodan A/S

Probiotics for Health & Wellness

Based on 20 years of dedicated probiotic research, product formulation expertise and market knowledge, Bifodan is offering a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and high quality probiotic solutions supporting human health and wellness.

Innovative Probiotic Solutions

The probiotic solutions are formulated to provide consumers of all ages with benefits through supporting a healthy balance of the microbiota of the digestive tract, oral cavity and urogenital area.

The innovative solutions are based on Bifodan’s extensive probiotic expertise, and include the use of probiotics with documented benefits, convenient dosage formats and the combination with other active ingredients for optimized product effectiveness.

ProTarget® - Intelligent Probiotic Delivery

Probiotic solutions presented as capsules, utilize Bifodan’s unique and patented ProTarget® technology that effectively protects the probiotics from gastric acidity and assures delivery and release of viable probiotics in the intestines.

Protection of the probiotics from the acidic environment in the stomach followed by targeted release of the probiotics in the intestines is believed to significantly contribute to enhance product performance.

Strategic Partnership

Bifodan’s mission is to create strategic partnerships with our customers and provide them with distinct competitive advantages by delivering innovative, high quality and competitive probiotic product solutions and by offering access to our extensive technology platform and know-how within probiotics.

The probiotic solutions are turn-key and readily available for customers to market under Yourbrand. 

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Business News 15 January 2015

Bifodan Puts Women’s Health to the Fore

15 Jan 2015 --- Bifodan A/S, the Danish based, specialized provider of innovative probiotic solutions, announces the establishment of a separate Business Unit for its Ecovag® probiotic activities targeting women’s intimate health.

Business News 19 December 2014

Bifodan Creates Joint Venture on Probiotic Microencapsulation

19 Dec 2014 --- Bifodan A/S has announced the initiation of a potentially groundbreaking scientific joint venture to develop a new technology for microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria. Endorsed and co-funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, Bifodan A/S will be joined by University of Copenhagen and Danish Technological Institute in an ambitious effort to be able to deliver probiotics alive for targeted release in the intestinal tract.

Business News 11 November 2013

Bifodan A/S Introduces Portfolio of Innovative Probiotic Solutions

11 Nov 2013 --- With ProDenta, KIDS-ProDenta and ProFresh, Bifodan A/S is introducing a portfolio of innovative probiotic solutions, designed specifically to support oral health.

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