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Arla Foods Ingredients

Arla Foods Ingredients is a global leader in natural whey ingredients for products in a range of categories – from sports nutrition, beverages, bakery, dairy and ice cream to clinical and infant nutrition. 
The cornerstones of our business are innovative ingredients, world-class facilities and a staff of dedicated experts. Drawing on our portfolio of functional and nutritional whey proteins, milk minerals, lactose and permeate, our expert team delivers solutions that bring new food products quickly and efficiently to market. Our application centres run hundreds of customer product trials every week. All ingredients are produced using state-of-the-art processing technology at our plant in Denmark, or by one of our joint ventures in Argentina, Germany and the UK.
Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S is a 100% owned subsidiary of Arla Foods, a global dairy company and cooperative owned by dairy farmers in Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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26 November 2014

New study shows that athletes recover faster with HYDRO.365 whey protein hydrolysate

Endurance athletes consuming a combination of traditional sports drinks plus Lacprodan® HYDRO.365, Arla Foods Ingredients’ whey protein hydrolysate, perform at a higher level than athletes consuming sports drinks alone – according to a new study. The study involved 18 top-class runners from Team Denmark taking part in a one-week training camp. The athletes were training twice a day, every day (apart from on one rest morning) equating to 13 training sessions during the week. The results demonstrated that the athletes who consumed HYDRO.365 before and after training performed better in a final 4km run-test than the sports drink-only group, with a mean improvement of 17 seconds. The whey protein group also experienced less muscle damage compared with the sports drink-only group.

06 February 2015

Get it right with high-protein Greek-style smoothies

Meet today’s biggest consumer trends with one single product. Offer your customers the combination of a high-protein smoothie filled with the goodness of fresh fruit. Nutrilac is the solution that allows you to make delicious, Greek-style smoothies with a green profile in your existing production set-up. You will even reduce the milk volume needed and eliminate acid whey compared to a traditional Greek yoghurt process.

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Nutrition & Health News   12 December 2017

Dairy proteins take center stage at FiE 2017

12 Dec 2017 --- Exhibitors at FiE 2017 in Frankfurt showed a sustained focus on high protein concepts, with a number of notable innovations in the area of dairy-related ingredients. NutritionInsight looks at just a few of the offerings showcased at this year’s event.

Nutrition & Health News   15 November 2017

Arla Foods Ingredients to launch whey-based concepts to ease baby’s transition to solid foods

15 Nov 2017 --- Arla Foods Ingredients is to launch a new range of whey protein-based Complementary Feeding solutions that support babies during the gradual move to solid foods. Arla Foods Ingredients’ new Complementary Feeding range includes food product concepts that deliver benefits for gut health, allergy management, healthy growth and bone development. 

Food Ingredients News   26 October 2017

Arla develops natural concept for blood sugar control

26 Oct 2017 --- Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a high-protein Pre-Meal Shot concept that the company believes “highlights the potential for launching innovative products that deliver improved blood sugar control in a natural, tasty and convenient way.”

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19 December 2017

Dairy based solution for blood sugar control – Arla Foods Ingredients

With diabetes becoming more and more of a concern worldwide, nutritional solutions are needed to address it. “Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are becoming almost an epidemic on a global level,” says Troels Laursen. “More than 400 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes. But besides that, you also have a very large population that’s in a pre-diabetic state where their blood glucose levels are at an unhealthy level.” Arla Foods Ingredients offers its high-protein premium shot ingredient to serve a high amount of whey protein in a drink format. It has worked with Newcastle University on studies to support a serving of this amount of whey protein’s effects on controlling blood sugar levels.

01 August 2017

New developments in whey protein

Crystal clear beverages are extremely appealing as a tasty and refreshing soft drink. Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a unique whey protein isolate which, when applied in drinks applications, can give a high protein content and yet allow the drink to be crystal clear. By using Lacprodan DI-9213 in a soft drink, customers will be able to produce a natural, healthy, sugar and fat free drink with added health claims for muscles and bones. Lacprodan DI-9213 also allows you not to compromise taste, although it is healthy. Lacprodan DI-9213 whey protein isolate can be applied in a crystal clear UHT beverage, with up to a 9% protein content. Troels Laursen of Arla Foods Ingredients explains: “We offer a crystal clear protein water which is clear, high in protein and free of carbs, fat and lactose. Traditionally, whey protein has had some difficulties in ready to drink beverages, but we have developed a whey protein that works very well in a ready to drink formulation. It is quite a unique product that can go up to 8% protein and stays stable and crystal clear. It’s a solution that has been popular in the clinical nutrition space, but this is a new area where the benefits of this solution can work very well.” 

26 February 2016

New Dairy Ingredient for Weight Management Concepts

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a solution for low calorie fresh dairy products that allows for the production of either a drinking yogurt with less than 20 calories or a stirred yogurt with 36 calories per 100g, while keeping a creamy and tasty mouthfeel. With the company’s solution for high satiety fresh dairy products, it is possible to make a stirred yogurt with 2% fiber and 5.8% protein and 47 calories, or a drinking yoghurt with 2% fiber and 4.4% protein and only 37 calories per 100g. Because of Nutrilac Lowcal’s water-binding capabilities and its clean taste, the proteins will enable producers to make creamy and healthy products while keeping the calorie content low.

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