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Packaging for nutraceuticals: Targeting safety and stability of active ingredients

01 Jun 2018 --- Bormioli Pharma is responding to the expanding nutraceutical market with an innovative packaging delivery system, AccuRec, that aims to minimize human error, ensure correct dosage levels, keep active ingredients stable and allow consumers to reconstitute oral supplements in a few steps. Nutraceutical ingredients typically require delivery systems that keep their active ingredients unchanged and safe and therefore bring a host of unique R&D challenges for packaging formulators.

Biodegradable/ compostable packaging innovations sprout amid sustainability challenge

29 May 2018 --- Rising demand for more environmentally-responsible consumer products is driving innovation in biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions. Public concern for the environmental impact of everyday packaging materials – particularly plastics – has intensified, creating market opportunities for creative, forward-thinking and sometimes entirely unusual biodegradable/compostable packaging.

Ready meals with a pulse: Gaia Pulses on sustainability from the outside in

18 May 2018 --- Dining out, in is pegged at number seven in Innova Market Insights top ten 2018 trends, and in this suit, we have seen the face of ready meals drastically change from plastic packaged, typically calorie-laden curries and pizza. Delivering on this exciting front is London based Gaia Pulses; coined the UK’s first ready meal in GM-free compostable packaging. NutritionInsight spoke to Yolanda Antonopoulou, Founder, about the meals which are made for the mindful, on-the-go consumer.

Hoffmann Neopac unveils innovative supplement packaging solutions at Vitafoods 2018

15 May 2018 --- Pharmaceutical packaging specialists, Hoffmann Neopac, will unveil their newest tins and tube solutions at this year’s Vitafoods show, in Geneva. The new packaging is certified to be childproof and aims to meet the demand for more cost-effective and sustainable innovations across the pharmaceutical, dietary and food industries.

Zinc in canned goods can restrict nutrient absorption, study finds

10 Apr 2018 --- Zinc nanoparticles that are present in tinned foods may negatively affect how the digestive tract operates, as they are absorbed into the bloodstream, a study has found. Researchers at Binghamton University, State University at New York, found that the nanoparticles may decrease nutrient absorption in digestion, as well as bump up the levels of zinc in the food itself to 100 times the daily allowance. The long-term effect on human health is unknown and is something that warrants future research, the researchers state.

Processing breakthroughs 2018: HPP, PEF and REV technologies

09 Apr 2018 --- Three of the most promising processing technologies for the nutrition space gaining momentum in 2018 are High Pressure Processing (HPP), Pulsed Electric Fields technology (PEF) and Radiant Energy Vacuum technology (REV). These technologies meet the increasing demand for more cost-effective and sustainable food processing while maintaining the natural qualities of foodstuff. NutritionInsight spoke to experts in these forward-thinking areas at Anuga FoodTec 2018, Cologne.

Demand for health and sustainability driving food packaging and processing innovation: DLG

04 Apr 2018 --- Consumer demands for health and sustainability are fundamental drivers for change in the food sector as these have a direct influence on production processes and subsequent packaging, according to Carola K. Herbst from the DLG’s (German Agricultural Society) Food Competence Center. Speaking to NutritionInsight and during seminars at Anuga FoodTec 2018, which took place in Cologne in March, Herbst said the lifestyle of consumers dictated what and how people want to eat.

Microplastics: Health threat or much ado about (virtually) nothing?

28 Mar 2018 --- The future of plastic packaging has become more than an industry debate – it is an international political issue, a focused area of academic research and a household conversation. In a world increasingly concerned by environmental sustainability, the visibility of plastic pollution in our streets and oceans has meant that plastics have come to symbolize humanity’s struggle to take better care of the planet.

Study: Eye-catching labels may unnecessarily harm many healthy foods

24 Oct 2017 --- Labels such as “organic,” “fair trade” and “cage-free” may be eye-catching but are often free of any scientific basis and stigmatize many healthy foods, a University of Delaware-led study has found.

Lack of Attention and Motivation Main Cause of Consumer Label Ignorance says EU Study

31 Jan 2012 ---  lack of motivation and attention are significant barriers when it comes to the effect of nutrition labelling on consumer choice. Professor Grunert explains that “consumers need to be motivated to engage with nutrition information – for instance, by having a health goal – in order to pay attention to nutrition labels”.

Multivac Releases New Twin Lane Traysealer

10 Feb 2011 ---  Its main areas of operation lie in the food sector, primarily in meat, sausage and convenience products; it is also suitable however for the packing of seafood/fish and cheese, as well as fruit and vegetables or salad products.

Glanbia Opens New Collaboration Center

07 Aug 2009 ---  “The expansion of our Twin Falls R&D operation with the new Collaboration Center will speed the delivery of product prototypes to our customers, effectively reducing development time by almost 40 percent,” said Eric Bastian, Vice President of R&D.

New Separating Technology for Pomegranate Launched

19 Sep 2008 ---  Hefestus’ proprietary technology takes a complete pomegranate and, with water and sound-wave technology, separates the peel from the arils as well as separating them from the paper-thin white membrane surrounding seed clusters.