Syndicate Invests $26.7m in Microbiome Therapeutics Company BiomX


19 May 2017 --- A global syndicate which includes corporate venture funds Seventure Partners, Takeda Ventures and Johnson and Johnson Development Corporation has announced a $26.7 million (€24 million) investment in Israeli microbiome therapeutics company BiomX. 

BiomX focuses on developing novel therapeutics to alleviate human diseases stemming from dysbiosis of the microbiome. Its initial product candidates are based on bacteriophages (viruses which target and kill specific species or strains of bacteria). The company also uses unique technologies to identify microbiome targets for key diseases. 

The investment will be used for further developing BiomX’s drug candidate and obtain clinical proof of concept for the lead compound enabling the company to develop its world-leading IP and position itself as a major player in developing prescription-drug (Rx) therapeutics using scientific insights from its microbiome research.

“Since the beginning of the 20th Century, bacteriophage therapy has fascinated scientists by its ability to kill bacteria specifically and efficiently. But it lost out to antibiotics as a weapon against infectious diseases. BiomX is innovating by reviving this technology in the context of rebalancing the human microbiome to fight against chronic diseases,” says Eric de La Fortelle, Venture Partner at Seventure Partners.

Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner of Seventure Partners, comments: “The microbiome field has is complex with multiple approaches having synergistic roles in healthcare. BiomX’s approach using bacteriophage seeks to harness natural mechanisms to restore a healthy microbiome balance to the gut. Israel is widely recognized for its expertise and innovation in life sciences, and our investment in a new region reflects how we are expanding our investment horizons internationally.”

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