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Creating Optimal Clean Label Supplements


03 Aug 2017 --- For decades, gelatin has been the safe and only choice for hard and soft capsule manufacturers.

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Business News

Salutivia launches new NPD food and nutrition laboratory

21 Sep 2017 --- Food ingredient and supplement distribution company Salutivia has announced the launch of its new laboratory, based in Redditch in the UK and dedicated to driving new product development (NPD) in support of customer projects. The new laboratory is capable of making finished consumer concepts incorporating ingredients from its supplier partners.

Business News

Rousselot joins International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council

14 Jul 2017 --- Rousselot, the leading global producer of gelatin for the pharmaceutical, food and nutrition industries, has joined the International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council (IPEC). Rousselot is the first gelatin manufacturer to join IPEC. The membership will allow the company to strengthen its commitment to ensuring the highest quality, safety and functionality of pharmaceutical excipients.

Nutrition & Health News

Special Report: Not a Tough Pill to Swallow – Clean Label and Gummies Star in Supplement NPD

26 Jun 2017 --- The abundance of nutritional information currently available on the Internet is allowing people to educate themselves on all things health and food related, which in turn is boosting consumer interest in dietary supplementation. NutritionInsight speaks with a number of industry experts about some of the key trends and developments regarding dietary supplements.

Nutrition & Health News

New Evidence for Peptan’s Efficacy in Regenerating Cartilage

02 May 2016 --- A new in vivo study confirms Peptan collagen peptides’ role in supporting joint health, providing scientific documentation of the mechanisms behind cartilage regeneration and joint inflammation reduction. Carried out in collaboration with leading scientists at the University of Rochester, NY, the study performed in an in vivo model for osteoarthritis provides clear evidence of Peptan’s ability to stimulate chondrocyte cells, increase the synthesis of new cartilage matrix and to reduce inflammation.

Nutrition & Health News

Skin Studies Highlights the Unique Efficacy of Collagen Peptide on the Restructuring of Deep Skin Layers

30 Sep 2015 --- The first comprehensive scientific publication of research into the anti-aging benefits of Peptan collagen peptides has just been released. Appearing in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, this latest paper elevates the science behind collagen peptides taken as a supplement for skin beauty to the next level by revealing strong clinical evidence to prove Peptan’s ability to restructure the collagen network in deep skin layers. This represents a true breakthrough in skin anti-aging science. The newly published data also presents a statistically significant effect of Peptan collagen peptides on skin hydration explained by the stimulation of hyaluronic acid production.

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