Bioiberica Launch Two Natural Ingredients for Joint Health and Mobility


09 May 2017 --- Bioiberica has launched two branded ingredients for joint health and mobility, which it is presenting at Vitafoods Europe. Mobilee is a patented natural ingredient scientifically shown to improve joint mobility, while b-2Cool, a natural ingredient supplying native II collagen, reduces pain and inflammation and improves joint health. 

“People want to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and are seeking new products to keep their joints healthy and Bioiberica has developed Mobilee and b-2Cool in order to respond to these market needs. Both branded ingredients have demonstrated efficacy at low dosages, making them a very convenient option for formulation in any type of finished product,” says Dr. Daniel Martínez, Bioiberica Human Health R&D Director.

Mobilee is a patented natural ingredient scientifically shown to improve mobility, with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and other components including collagen and polysaccharides. Its efficacy and safety have been tested in 6 pre-clinical studies and 5 randomized clinical trials.

“It is a groundbreaking and beneficial product which our body absorbs naturally. The benefits of Mobilee go way beyond the advantages afforded by hyaluronic acid. Taking Mobilee every day for at least two months improves joint and muscle mobility, reduces pain and joint inflammation, lubricates joints and increases muscle strength,” Dr. Martínez adds.

B-2Cool is a natural ingredient supplying native II collagen. Thanks to its native form, orally taken, it works through an immune-mediated mechanism of action called oral tolerance that modulates the immune response against endogenous type II collagen. B-2Cool reduces cartilage degradation and joint inflammation, thus alleviating joint pain and improving joint function. “The efficacy shown in two studies is particularly relevant taking into account the dose at which native collagen is administered,” Dr. Martínez says.


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