Dairy proteins take center stage at FiE 2017


12 Dec 2017 --- Exhibitors at FiE 2017 in Frankfurt showed a sustained focus on high protein concepts, with a number of notable innovations in the area of dairy-related ingredients. NutritionInsight looks at just a few of the offerings showcased at this year’s event.

Ingredia experts combine two functional proteins (PROMILK 600 A and PROMILK SH 20) for a firm and creamy dairy bite that can be eaten on-the-go. PROMILK 600 A is well known as a creamy booster in dairy products, and more particularly in low-fat ones. PROMILK SH 20, a native micellar casein, brings firm texture. Without any E-numbers or texturizers, the company’s dairy snack is shelf stable over time. This new clean label product is suitable for everyone who has food cravings during the day.

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Ingredia’s Via Lacta, a full range of sustainable dairy ingredients (skimmed and whole milk powders, native milk protein) made from Ingredia’s new milk collection, according to its Via Lacta sustainability program. This program is based on: Milk obtained from cows fed with non-GMO feed (<0.9%); Animal welfare, with a guaranteed surface of grass by cow (1500m²) and a minimum of 170 days spent in the pasture; Breeding on straw during winter for a better comfort; Minimum, fair price for the dairy farmer to maintain dairy activity in good conditions.

FrieslandCampina DMV
The benefits of hydrolyzed proteins are becoming better known to active consumers. Unfortunately hydrolyzed proteins generally taste bitter and unpleasant. With its unique protein hydrolyzation, FrieslandCampina DMV’s NutriWhey Hydro aims to deliver on the core market drivers of both taste and nutrition. It also serves the sports nutrition trend. “With an increasing number of people knowing someone in their family or friends who is practicing for a marathon, an iron man event or something similar, people are becoming more and more interested in high-quality, protein-related sports nutrition products,” says Ramon Mommersteeg. FrieslandCampina’s Nutri Whey Hydro product is one of the most promising hydrolyzed proteins available, the company believes.

Arla Foods Ingredients
Arla Foods Ingredients’ Crystal Clear Protein Water with Lacprodan DI-9213 is a taste-neutral ingredient made from whey protein. Manel Romeu Bellés, Industry Marketing Manager, Arla Foods Ingredients spoke to NutritionInsight: “Whey protein is the preferred type of protein for most sports nutrition users because it offers a high-quality nutrition profile and supports muscle recovery and building after exercise. For active nutrition consumers, ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs) with whey protein are also the perfect alternative to a snack, because they keep hunger at bay.”

“However, it has traditionally been difficult to add whey to UHT RTDs, and it has been even harder to incorporate whey into clear RTDs, without compromising the taste, texture and appearance of the product. Lacprodan DI-9213 addresses all of these challenges. It can be successfully incorporated into a crystal clear RTD that is 100 percent whey-based, contains up to 8.5 percent protein content, is sugar and fat-free, and offers a delicious taste,” explains Romeu Bellés. 

As part of its ongoing work in the areas of proteins and medical nutrition, Fonterra’s global dairy ingredients B2B brand NZMP has launched a new milk protein concentrate (MPC) coined SureProtein Fast MPC 4868. Compared to standard milk protein offerings, the ingredient is touted as being able to provide muscles with a higher level of amino acids within the first two hours of consumption and is absorbed as quickly as whey protein. The innovative ingredient can be used for a wide range of applications, with product concepts featuring the MCP including post-workout snacks and medical beverages suitable for aging adults as well as those recovering from trauma or disease.

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Erie Foods offers low-fat milk protein crisps – containing 90 percent protein – that can be consumed directly or used as an ingredient in bars or breakfast cereals. Justin Banach, Technical Services and Process Development at Erie Foods International, Inc., tells NutritionInsight: “Not all protein crisps are created equal. Each ECCO Milk Protein Crisp contains 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey on a protein basis, the same ratio found in fluid milk, and the product’s ingredient statement cleanly reads ‘Milk Protein Isolate.’ Only dairy ingredients are used, and by not adding flour or starch, protein levels can exceed 90 percent. Protein concentration this high exceeds the industry standard. Moreover, size and shape, and select physical attributes of these light and crunchy pieces are customizable to meet the needs of the customer’s final application.”

ECCO Milk Protein Crisps were designed to be an ingredient, inclusion or standalone snack. The 2.5mm crisps function well in bars, baked goods and even high-protein breading. Crisps with 5mm size have been made into clusters bound together by sweetened coatings and, separately, can be added to ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. With a bland flavor profile, the 10mm product can be easily coated with confectionary or savory flavors. 

Whey protein provider Carbery and its flavors division, Synergy, shared their advanced nutritional and flavor solutions. Carbery highlighted the latest addition to its successful hydrolyzed whey protein range, Optipep, which has been specially formulated for use in protein bars. Synergy showcased its new signature cold brew coffee, which is typically brewed at 4°C. Naturally sweet and highly concentrated, Synergy’s cold brew coffee is on trend in the growing retail and foodservice markets. As well as raspberry and white chocolate Optipep bars, visitors had the chance to taste high-protein ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, protein water with new refreshing cooling flavor combinations such as cucumber and apple, a high-protein berry smoothie and soft-serve protein ice cream with warming flavors such as gingerbread biscuit.

“High protein is still quite popular, we see it merging very much from traditional markets like sports nutrition into snackification, healthy alternatives and meal replacement products,” says Aine Hallihan of the company. Carbery also sees a huge growth in convenience-type products like protein bars and RTDs. Carbery now offers a high-protein bar with a soft texture, high-protein hot chocolate and a range of different flavored protein waters.

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