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Evolva Launches High Purity, Sustainably Produced Resveratrol

14 Feb 2017 --- Evolva have launched Veri-te, the brand for high-purity, sustainably produced resveratrol. Veri-te resveratrol is produced from the same natural fermentation process that has been used for years to make high-purity ingredients with uniform consistency, ranging from medicines to food ingredients.

Lycored Launch Campaign to Promote Ingestible Skincare

08 Feb 2017 --- Lycored have launched a campaign, which aims to drive consumer engagement with ingestible skincare, helping to bring the category into the mainstream.

New Sacred Lotus Plant Biofunctional For Aging Skin

02 Nov 2016 --- Personal and home care company, Ashland has launched a new personal care solution utilizing the biologically active benefits of the Sacred Lotus plant. 

Supplements with Lycopene or Lutein Protect Skin Against UV Radiation

01 Nov 2016 --- Lycored have announced the publication of its paper in the British Journal of Dermatology. Within the paper, scientists show that, when assuming the role of genes as indicators of oxidative stress, photo-dermatoses and photo-aging, Lycopene-Rich Tomato Nutrient Complex, and lutein provide protection against solar radiation-induced health damage.

Vitamin B During Pregnancy Reduces Child Eczema Risk

26 Sep 2016 --- Infants whose mothers had a higher level of the vitamin B Nicotinamide during pregnancy are 30% less likely to develop eczema by the age of 12 months, a new study has shown.

The findings from the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, is the first to link maternal serum levels of nicotinamide, a naturally occurring vitamin, and related metabolites to the risk of atopic eczema in the child.

Clinical Study Backs Claims Made by Skincare Brand SkinAx²

06 Sep 2016 --- SkinAx², a new anti-aging formula from the French Group Activ’Inside, has been backed by a published clinical study on its capacity to improve skin radiance by oral route.

KEY INTERVIEW: The Remarkable Anti-Ageing Possibilities for New Supplement Discovered by Canadian Researchers

08 Aug 2016 --- A dietary supplement packed with a blend of 30 natural vitamins and minerals has shown remarkable anti-ageing properties that can prevent and even reverse brain cell loss.

Monteloeder Announce New Phone App to Help People Stay Safe In The Sun

08 Aug 2016 --- Monteloeder is set to release a new smartphone application on the 30th September, with aims to help customers track the benefits of using its NutroxSun oral suncare formulation and stay safe in the sun.

High Carotenoids Linked to Natural Skin Tanning

26 May 2016 --- A new study has revealed that high consumption of dietary carotenoids increases skin yellowness (similar to skin tanning effect) and fasting plasma carotenoid concentrations.

Temporary Tattoos Can Detect a Soba Allergy

12 May 2016 --- An unobtrusive stick-on patch called the Soba Allergy Tattoo has been developed to detect the allergy and therefore prevent harm.

Polyphenol Ribetril A Has Significant Skin Health Effect, Trial Shows

20 Apr 2016 --- A large human clinical trial from France has shown that the polyphenol Ribetril A, found in selected varieties of red- and black- currants (Ribes rubrum, Ribes nigrum), offers significant benefits for younger looking skin.

GELITA: Effective Cellulite Treatment from Within, Research Shows

23 Feb 2016 --- Supplementation with specific collagen peptides leads to clear improvements in the appearance of skin, reports a new study from GELITA.

Vitamin A May Reduce Scarring

01 Feb 2016 --- While scarring is a natural part of any healing process, scar formation within our blood vessels can be deadly.

BASF and CYTOO Partner on Skin Firmness Research

22 Jan 2016 --- BASF and the French biotechnology company CYTOO join forces. The goal of the partnership is to develop and test active ingredients that contribute to increase skin firmness in skin care applications.

PLT Health Solutions to Offer Collactive Collagen Complex to US Market

18 Dec 2015 --- PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced today that it has begun marketing Collactive Collagen Complex in the United States. Collactive is a 100% marine-based, all-natural ingredient composed of collagen and elastin peptides formulated in the same ratio found naturally in human skin.

Pycnogenol Nourishes Skin and Reduces Pigmentation

18 Nov 2015 --- A newly published review in Skin Pharmacology on Pycnogenol, French maritime pine bark extract, examines existing research and introduces new data to reveal exactly how the super antioxidant is effective for beauty and skin care.

Skin Studies Highlights the Unique Efficacy of Collagen Peptide on the Restructuring of Deep Skin Layers

30 Sep 2015 --- The first comprehensive scientific publication of research into the anti-aging benefits of Peptan collagen peptides has just been released. Appearing in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, this latest paper elevates the science behind collagen peptides taken as a supplement for skin beauty to the next level by revealing strong clinical evidence to prove Peptan’s ability to restructure the collagen network in deep skin layers. This represents a true breakthrough in skin anti-aging science. The newly published data also presents a statistically significant effect of Peptan collagen peptides on skin hydration explained by the stimulation of hyaluronic acid production.

SOD B Dimpless Efficient in the Reduction of Cellulite by Oral Route

24 Sep 2015 --- At the Supply Side west 2015 event, BIONOV will introduce its latest developments and innovations. A new clinical study on its melon juice concentrate SOD B Dimpless has now been accepted for publication in the journal Phytothérapie. This study shows that SOD B Dimpless significantly reduces cellulite on thighs after 28 days of oral supplementation on 21 women. The mechanism of action involves both fibrosis resorption and lipolysis stimulation, allowing to correct the skin dimpling aspect.

Acne May Be Influenced by Vitamin B12

25 Jun 2015 --- Vitamin B12 tweaks how genes behave in the facial bacteria of some people who normally enjoy clear skin. The activity changes of the facial bacteria promote inflammation and lead to pimples.

Azelis Launches New Naturals Range for Cosmetics

23 Jun 2015 --- Azelis introduces its field to formulation natural ingredient range with proven benefits, transparency, sustainable sourcing and provenance at its heart. The range includes functional plant extracts, certified organic specialities such as essential oils, vegetable oils, hydrolats, butters and waxes. High performance naturally derived materials from world class manufacturers complete the portfolio.