Diabetes UK: Alcohol study not a “green light”

31 Jul 2017 --- A recent study in which researchers from Denmark suggest that drinking moderately three or four times a week may reduce the risk of diabetes shouldn’t be taken as a “green light” to drink to excess due to the “complex” nature of the disease, according to a Diabetes UK response.

Broccoli Contains Powerful Antidiabetic Substance

19 Jun 2017 --- Research from the University of Gothenburg has identified an antioxidant – richly occurring in broccoli – as a new antidiabetic substance. The patient study shows significantly lower blood sugar levels in participants who ate broccoli extract with high levels of sulforaphane.

Vitamin A Found to Improve Function of Insulin Producing Beta Cells

14 Jun 2017 --- A new study has suggested that vitamin A improves the insulin producing β-cell´s function, for the first time pointing to a key role for vitamin A in the way the body copes with diabetes. The researchers initially discovered that insulin-producing beta-cells contain a large quantity of a cell surface receptor for vitamin A. The researchers believe that the purpose, in this particular case, is that vitamin A plays an important role for the development of beta-cells in the early stages of life, but also for a proper function during the remaining life especially during pathophysiological conditions, i.e some inflammatory conditions.

Special Report: New Ways to Cope with Diabetes

12 Jun 2017 --- Affecting approximately 380 million people worldwide, diabetes is a leading cause of range of ailments, including kidney failure, amputations, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. According to the Diabetes Research Institute, diabetes takes more lives on a yearly basis than AIDS and breast cancer combined. NutritionInsight looks at some of the most recent diabetes-related research and some of the novel approaches and solutions to tackling this condition.

Pregnancy Diet High in Refined Grains May Increase Risk of Childhood Obesity: NIH

09 Jun 2017 --- Children born to women with gestational diabetes whose diet included high proportions of refined grains may have a higher risk of obesity by age 7, compared to children born to women with gestational diabetes who ate low proportions of refined grains, according to results of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study. These findings, which appear online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, were part of the Diabetes & Women's Health Study, a research project led by NIH's Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

India’s Diabetes Epidemic Shifts to Poorer People in More Affluent Cities

08 Jun 2017 --- India’s diabetes epidemic is shifting, with the disease now increasingly common among people from low socio-economic backgrounds living in urban areas of the more affluent states, according to a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal. The authors say the findings should cause concern in a country where most treatment costs are paid out-of-pocket by patients, and highlight the urgent need for effective prevention measures. 

Gut Microbiota Found to be Pivotal in Treatment with Diabetes Medication

02 Jun 2017 --- A recent study at Sahlgrenska Academy and University of Girona indicates that the clinical effect of metformin is achieved through modulation of the gut microbiota, providing a clearer picture of how the classic diabetes medication works. The human body contains more bacteria than human cells. Most of these bacteria exist in the gut, which is the most densely populated ecosystem known today, where their genes (microbiome) complements our own genome with 1000-fold more genes.

Personalized Treatment for Diabetes up for Debate

24 May 2017 --- Current treatment methods for type 2 diabetes generate differences of opinion within the medical community. Some medical professionals favor a drug combination approach that could improve the quality of life for patients and reduce costs, others are concerned about the risks and side effects of this strategy and support a step-by-step method whereby one drug is used at a time depending on how the patient responds. The question "Is it time for initial combination in type-2 diabetes?" was debated at the European Congress of Endocrinology in Lisbon this week, where Prof Stefano Del Prato and Dr. Dídac Mauricio will discuss the evidence for and against combination therapy for type 2 diabetes.

Study Offers Further Proof That Meat is Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

20 Apr 2017 --- Plant protein is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, while people with a diet high in meat had a higher risk of developing the disease, a study by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland has found. The results of the study support the idea that the source of dietary protein may play an important role in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Legumes Associated with Lower Risk of Diabetes

31 Mar 2017 --- Individuals with a higher consumption of legumes have up to a 35% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those with a lower consumption. That’s according to a new study from URV's Human Nutrition Unit in collaboration with other research groups in the PREDIMED.

Study Highlights Importance of Preventing Weight Gain to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

03 Feb 2017 --- A study of over 33,000 people, published in the journal BMC Public Health, indicates that public health strategies that aim to prevent adult weight gain in the whole population have the potential to prevent twice as many cases of type 2 diabetes as strategies that target individuals at high risk of diabetes due to being obese.

“Huge Variations” in UK Diabetes Care

01 Feb 2017 --- There are huge variations in the type of care people with diabetes are receiving, depending on where in England and Wales they live, according to new figures from the NHS.

New Type 2 Diabetes Research Center to Open in UK

30 Jan 2017 --- A Type 2 Diabetes research center is to be set up at The University of Oxford. Funding and support will be from the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, who is investing around £115 million ($144.1 million) in the 10-year partnership.

Diabetes Now Accounts for 12 Percent of US Deaths, Says New Study

26 Jan 2017 --- Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University have suggested that diabetes accounts for 12 percent of deaths in the United States, a significantly higher percentage than previous research revealed. The new figures make it the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

Healthy Diet Helps HIV-Positive and Type 2 Diabetes Patients Adhere to Medication Regimens

26 Jan 2017 --- A new study led by researchers at UC San Francisco, has found that HIV-positive people who received healthy food and snacks for six months, were more likely to adhere to their medication regimens. Furthermore, along with people who have type 2 diabetes, the same group was less depressed and less likely to make trade-offs between food and healthcare.

Updates To Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Recommendations

03 Jan 2017 --- The American College of Physicians (ACP) has recommended that physicians prescribe metformin to patients with type 2 diabetes when medication is needed to improve high blood sugar, according to an evidence-based clinical practice guideline published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Research Suggests Purslane Extract Mimics Insulin

07 Dec 2016 --- A new study has confirmed the anti-diabetic properties of the purslane herb extract Portulaca oleracea L. The study examined the mode of action of selected substances with potential to mimic insulin activity.Researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels, led by Julian Weghuber, PhD, investigated extracts prepared from seven different plants reported to exhibit anti-diabetic effects via GLUT4 (glucose transporter protein type 4) translocation-inducing properties. Induction of GLUT4 translocation without insulin is considered a key aspect to decrease elevated blood glucose levels in persons with diabetes.

FDA Approves Jardiance to Reduce Cardiovascular Death in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes

05 Dec 2016 --- The US Food and Drug Administration have approved a new indication for Jardiance (empagliflozin) to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes UK Report Praised by Health Secretary

25 Nov 2016 --- Secretary of State for Health, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, told diabetes campaigners and MPs the time had come “to see words turned into action” and added that people with diabetes could hold the Government to “our promises about transforming diabetes care”.

Asian Americans at Higher Risk of Diabetes, Not Enough Get Tested

15 Nov 2016 --- Less than half of Asian Americans who should be screened for type 2 diabetes get tested, according to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Asian Americans have a high prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes, yet they were the racial and ethnic group least likely, by far, to undergo recommended screening.