Vitafoods Europe 2017

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  • Lactalis Ingredients
    Lactalis Ingredients will highlight the first unique and highly nutritional native whey protein Pronativ®, obtained from fresh milk with an excellent amino acid profile. Ten years of research around athletic performance have highlighted benefits on muscle Performance (increased strength over 10%), muscle recovery (30min to recover vs. 24h for WPI) and muscle potential (preserved neuromuscular properties or voluntary action level). Recent research on malnutrition and sarcopenia has shown that Pronativ® is a suitable solution for clinical nutrition as well. With high digestibility and consistent minerals profile, this native whey protein is particularly adapted for nutrient dense medical applications.
    Stand: M130,

  • CJ Europe GmbH

    CJ BIO is a South Korean leading producer of amino acids and taste enhancers for food, feed, nutrition, supplements and personal care. CJ BIO will develop into a true global leader in the eco-friendly bio sector with FERMENTED AMINO ACIDS under our new Brand “AMINATURE” , using its innovative bio technology.

    With over 40 different products of amino acids we supply to our customer of whole Europe. We support our customers in an advisory capacity with our experts knowledge.

    Next to L-CYSTEINE our main focus is on vegan L-ARGININE, L-CITRULLINE, L-ORNITHINE, L-METHIONINE, L-TRYPTOPHANE, L-LYSINE and also on N-Acetyl amino acids.

    CJ Europe is YOUR local contact for Europe and Middle-East region with local warehouse.

    Stand: I152

  • Lehmann&Voss&Co.
    Lehmann&Voss&Co. Mineral Division based in Hamburg, Germany, can offer a wide range of speciality minerals and customized solutions for food supplements, functional foods and pharmaceuticals. This year at Vitafoods we will feature our premium water soluble magnesium and calcium grades for beverage fortification, calcium phosphate for bakery and meat processing and other ingredients. With an comprehensive mineral range, over 120 years’ experience in international sourcing, long-term partnerships with qualified producers and an established HACCP certified system, you can certainly rely on a dedicated team to fulfil your most demanding requirements in minerals and more. Come and see us at Vitafoods. 
    Stand: H20


  • Gee Lawson
    From the beginning of this year, Gee Lawson has become the Nutritional Division of the Hamburg based LEHVOSS Group, operating from London with a network of people and offices across Europe.
    Being part of LEHVOSS Group will allow the Gee Lawson “brand” to further develop while maintaining our solid philosophy.  This will enable us to enlarge our market, services, capabilities and…  bring success to partners and customers.
    Come and visit us Stand H20. We will be introducing our new trade mark ingredients EpiCor®, XanMax® and Cynatine® and also new research and product updates on our existing leading branded products and speciality ingredients.
    Stand: H20

  • Aenova Group
    The Aenova Group is one of the world’s largest providers of services, covering the entire value chain for the development and production of all main dosage forms and product groups. Providing its wide range of dietary supplements and OTC products Aenova is: “your partner of choice for developing innovative solutions for the international healthcare market.” With its brand new Sports Nutrition Range – presented at Vitafoods 2017 – Aenova offers its customers an exclusive portfolio of high quality food supplements.
    Stand: D22

  • Algatechnologies Ltd.
    Algatechnologies will highlight its AstaPure 3% astaxanthin powder. This unique, whole algae form of astaxanthin was developed in response to a growing demand for natural ingredients occurring in nature. Astaxanthin powder, derived from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, is produced using a sustainable and patented closed-cultivation system energized by natural sunlight. In addition, Algatechnologies offers Astapure beadlets and oleoresin, which are extracted by supercritical CO2 extraction technology that guarantees solvent free products. 
    Stand: I86

  • Anlit Ltd. Advanced Nutrition Supplements
    Anlit, Ltd., Israel, will feature a unique, high-DHA+EPA omega-3 supplement in a single fish-shaped chew for children and adults. Anlit's “Kidi Bites” supplement line is a fun, chocolate-flavoured, fish-shaped, single-serving bite containing a high concentration of DHA and EPA (90mg EPA, 60mg DHA), for a total of 150mg omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are vital for neural and cognitive function, needed for fetal development, childhood, and throughout life. The consumption of fish—the main source of omega 3s—is declining among children and adults, while the texture, taste and smell of omega-3 oil is often challenging. Anlit’s Kidi Bites technology overcomes such challenges of unpleasant flavour and aroma, providing a tasty and healthy solution for kids and adults. Anlit specializes in creating supplements focused on children’s taste and texture preferences, while providing essential health benefits. The delicious chewy matrix, with a chocolate-like flavour and texture, helps overcome children’s reluctance to taking nutritional supplements.Each delicious, fun, fish-shaped serving of Anlit’s high-omega-3 supplement for children is trans-fat free, and contains no preservatives or artificial colouring. Individual units are packed in sealed blister packs for complete safety and convenience.
    Stand: M118

  • Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd.
    Arjuna will launch TRILOW, its all natural bioactive extract for cardiovascular health, derived from the Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, aka “amla”). The ingredient is a complete extract of fresh ripe fruit of wild amla, collected seasonally from the tree. The proprietary extraction process ensures high activity for every batch of the product, as confirmed by testing in vivo and in vitro. TRILOW has obtained US and Australian patents for its composition, with patents for other countries pending. Clinical studies confirm that the unique extract of fresh wild amla favors healthy reduction of factors contributing to cardiovascular diseases.
    Stand: A40

  • AstaReal AB
    AstaReal is a pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D and clinical science. Researchers worldwide have published over 400 peer-reviewed studies on astaxanthin, including many clinical studies. AstaReal is set to launch new anti-fatigue formula “AstaReal Ever-Sharp Effervescent” at Vitafoods. “Boost your mental sharpness and fight tiredness with this unique anti-fatigue formulation combining AstaReal astaxanthin, vitamin B6, B12 and magnesium.” AstaReal has developed Ever-Sharp in a convenient effervescent tablet form.

  • Brenntag
    Brenntag is a leading distributor of raw materials, solvents, intermediates, excipients and specialties for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and dietary sectors. Their line consists of: acidity regulators, additives, amino acids, antioxidants, binders and anti-caking agents, carbonates and bicarbonates, collagen and collagen peptides, colorings, emulsifiers, fibers, flavors, functional ingredients, functional nutritional blends, glazing agent, intermediates, lactic acid and lactates, milk and whey proteins, minerals, nutraceuticals, omega 3/6/9 (vegetarian and fish source), phosphates, solvents, starches, sugars, sweeteners and thickening agents – stabilizers, vegetable fats, vegetable proteins and vitamins.
    Stand: N129

  • DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.
    On show will be DSM’s next generation 3C Technology for omega-3 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The unique, proprietary technology delivers highly-concentrated (up to 85%) and customizable combinations of EPA and DHA for food supplement applications, while also providing peace of mind through a consistent supply chain. Home to an omega-3 hub of expertise for the duration of the event, DSM will present prototypes demonstrating the much smaller capsule size that can be achieved using 3C Technology, as well as discussing recent data on global omega-3 deficiencies, consumer usage and attitudes towards omega-3 supplements. Beyond its vitamin and omega-3 portfolio, DSM’s new ingredient pipeline will be under the spotlight in the innovation hub. Here, visitors are encouraged to join DSM to discover how these ingredients could be used specifically for their target application and brands, as part of its updated Health Benefit Solutions. The ingredients include FruitFlow, a natural tomato-based concentrate proven to contribute to healthy blood flow; resVida, the purest and only safety proven form of trans-resveratrol for use in food supplements as an antioxidant; Metafolin, DSM’s active form of folate; OatWell oat beta-glucan, a natural bioactive soluble fiber with proven heart health, blood glucose lowering, and gut health benefits; and Tolerase L, a highly efficacious and safe enzyme that contributes to breaking down lactose used in food supplements. 
    Stand: G10

  • Friesland Campina Ingredients 
    For sports and weight management, the global trend is to increase protein levels. New applications raise protein levels, while maintaining an excellent taste. For infant nutrition, with the continuously changing regulatory landscape, Friesland Campina ingredients support customers to comply with current and future demands for this market. Their Domo division will be participating at Vitafoods 2017 again. The company will promote their latest innovative ingredients for infant nutrition: Vivinal GOS Syrup Organic. This is a functional carbohydrate containing non-digestible galacto-oligosaccharides from an organic source. The company’s Vana-Sana EPA/DHA powder, provides a cost efficient solution for introduction of LCPUFAs in foodstuffs, without affecting final product quality.
    Stand: D64

  • Frutarom Health
    Frutarom Health brings a selection of technologies that target today’s driving health concerns. Four new product groups make it easy for brands to find solutions to consumers’ unique wellness needs. 
    Each product reflects Frutarom Health’s commitment to science, quality and innovation. Frutarom Health built its reputation on quality, branded plant extracts, with proprietary science supporting their safety and efficacy. 
    Consumers aiming at key conditions will recognize these ingredients by name.  Frutarom Health’s standardized plant extracts are derived from select source species and produced via extracting technologies that lock in important qualities. Traditional Mediterranean ingredients like citrus, olive and rosemary are now reliable, traceable, functional health solutions.
    Stand: B20

  • Giellepi SpA
    Giellepi offers a strategic innovative approach for creating new raw materials and formulations for the nutritionals and supplements industry. Giellepi’s research activity aims to increase knowledge of the active substances found in raw materials, their metabolic function, bioavailability and safety for use in food supplements. Giellepi developed the first all natural red yeast rice extract with enhanced efficacy for maintaining the normal blood LDL-cholesterol levels.
    Stand: E20

  • Indena
    Indena is presenting Prodigest, its latest innovation for natural digestive relief. Prodigest is a patented combination of two standardized ingredients: a unique extract of artichoke leaves (Cynara cardunculus L.) and a similarly unique lipophilic CO2 extract of ginger roots (Zingiber officinale Rosc.). To develop Prodigest, Indena redesigned these two well-known extracts to create a product which is backed up by exhaustive clinical data supporting both its functionality (gastric emptying) and effectiveness (relief of discomforts). The inventive synergy of artichoke leaves and ginger extracts developed by Indena has been proven to be more effective than the two single extracts separately. Two recent human clinical studies with Prodigest have shown improved gastric motility symptoms related to digestive discomforts, known to cause gastric fullness, pain, bloating and nausea.
    Stand: G22

  • Kaneka Pharma Europe
    Kaneka Pharma Europe will showcase Kaneka Ubiquinol, the most active form of coenzyme Q10. Used as a nutritional supplement, the ingredient helps to prevent several diseases associated with aging. Thanks to its confirmed benefits on muscle performance and recovery, a number of professional athletes have already adopted Kaneka Ubiquinol as part of their training schedule. The company will also highlight the visceral fat-reducing and Novel Food-approved licorice root extract Glavonoid, which has great promise for sports and fitness applications.
    Stand: I12

  • Lipofoods (Denk Ingredients)
    Lipofoods SLU will launch a palm free formulation of its LIPOPHYTOL phytosterol system. This highly concentrated, water dispersible source of plant sterols in an easy-to-use format is designed to support cardiovascular health and is suitable for use in a range of food, beverage and supplement products. Lipofoods, a Lubrizol Company, specializes in the development and production of microencapsulated functional ingredients, providing nutritional and technical solutions.
    Stand: F52

  • Mantrose UK Ltd.
    Mantrose manufactures high quality NF/EP aqueous and solvent sealers, coatings and materials for pharma/nutra: Certiseal A100, E/K Grade and Pre-Mix HPMC, Mg Stearate. Performance Products/excipients: core seal, bind, film form, control release/enteric, lubricate. Light/temp/humid/scuff protection; odourless/tasteless, enhance shelf life 
    & look in tableting. 
    Stand: A54

  • PB Gelatins/PB Leiner
    As an established global player in gelatins and collagen, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner supplies a complete range of high quality gelatins and SOLUGEL collagen peptides. They were the first company to launch cold soluble products and offer a more convenient gelatin-based solution that provides significant advantages in terms of preparation time, flexibility and cost-in-use. Their consistent quality, flexible approach and profound understanding of their customers’ businesses are recognized worldwide. SOLUGEL Ultra BD is a premium collagen peptide that is produced from high quality bovine materials and features excellent dispersion and a neutral odor and flavor. As an agglomerated product, it can be easily and rapidly dissolved, which makes it suitable for all ‘instant’ applications, such as smoothie powders or collagen drinks.
    Stand: D73

  • Primex
    Primex is an Icelandic marine biotech company, a global leader in the manufacture of ChitoClear chitosan of high quality. The products are certified as natural and include ChitoClear chitosan offered in many grades, and LipoSan Ultra, a safe and effective weight loss supplement. 
    The company’s new product line, ChitoCare, offers gel and spray for wound care. Spray is packed in 50ml bottles and gel in 30ml tubes. Chitosan is the most abundant naturally occurring amino-polysaccharide with unique physiological characteristics and biological activities. This functional biomaterial is an active ingredient for numerous applications: weight management, cholesterol control, gut health, personal care, biomedicine and pet health. Primex can provide tailor-made solutions for your business.
    Stand: H63

  • Quimdis
    Quimdis invests in the French Riviera in new premises including warehouse, large blending facilities, laboratory and offices, which will enable to increase its production capacity. The site is based in Grasse, considered as the world’s capital of perfume. 
    Quimdis is a very active importer and distributor of raw material for perfumery, flavors, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and nutraceuticals industries, especially in essential oils, more and more used in nutraceuticals formulation. Its laboratory ensures a constant product quality and traceability. The site will be certified FSSC 22000 in the near future.
    Stand: F32

  • Ribus Inc.
    Ribus, Inc. supplies natural and organic rice ingredients to dietary supplement, food and pet companies around the world. Nu-MAG offers a clean label ingredient that provides enhanced lubrication in the production of dietary supplements. Nu-MAG is a blend of four ingredients that is helping manufacturers eliminate synthetic ingredients without compromising on quality or efficacy. 
    Stand: F52

  • Rousselot BV
    Peptan collagen peptides and gelatin solutions for optimal dosage forms will be showcased at the Rousselot stand. Peptan, a unique bioactive protein, offers a world of health benefits for mobility, healthy aging and skin beauty. Prototypes with Peptan include a beauty frozen yogurt and healthy collagen drinks will be available on stand. Rousselot teams will also share clear ideas and expertise about gelatin, a clean label solution for optimized soft and hard capsules. In addition, Peptan and Rousselot experts will present seminars on the latest research and market trends
    Stand: H32

  • Seagarden AS
    Seagarden Norway is a leading manufacturer of 100 % natural ingredients derived from wild-caught fish from the crystal-clear waters of the North-Atlantic. Their flagship ingredients are bioactive cod protein powder and Nutricoll Marine Collagen peptides for functional foods and nutraceuticals. 
    Stand: J158

  • Taiyo GmbH
    Taiyo will present new additions to its all-natural Sunfiber dietary fiber portfolio. 
    The Sweet-Sunfiber compound contains an isomaltulose oligosaccharide, whereas the Sunfiber-Matcha Honey variant promotes natural sweetness with a green tea tang. 
    Both combine the health boosting properties and technological benefits of Taiyo’s dietary fiber ingredient, with a mildly sweet taste profile. 
    Sweet-Sunfiber offers an excellent nutritional profile: fewer calories, a low glycemic index, and tooth-friendliness. Well tolerated and benefiting from optimized technological benefits, it also has prebiotic properties and is suitable for IBS patients. 
    Biocertified Sunfiber-Matcha Honey is an interesting mix of sweetness and bitter green tea flavor, combining dietary fiber enrichment with an extraordinary taste and health-boosting properties.
    Stand: C39

  • TIC Gums Inc.
    Looking to formulate out lecithin? Want to clean up your label? 
    TIcaloid PRO 92 AGD enables manufacturers to adjust texture, while maintaining stability 
    in complex ready-to-drink formulations. 
    Create robust beverages with protein, minerals, vitamins and nutritional fat that addresses the intricate needs of the sports beverage market. 
    Legendary customer service, high quality standards and the unrivaled knowledge of the company’s “Gum Gurus” have made TIC Gums a reliable source for advanced texture and stabilization solutions in the food and beverage industry.
    Stand: E47

  • Weishardt International
    French manufacturer Weishardt is among the very pioneers in the gelatin industry and one of the world top producers of collagen peptides. Weishardt’s R&D teams are constantly focusing on technology, innovative products and health & beauty concepts, according to high level food safety standards.
    The Cook&Care concept allows for the development of healthy snacks based on proteins for muscle maintenance and development Cook&Care is an innovative concept dedicated to well-being and which provides daily protein amounts through Naticol, fish collagen peptides. Cook&Care contains more than 90% proteins.
    Stand: G58

  • Diana Food
    Diana Food will launch, as a world premiere at Vitafoods, a new cardiovascular health solution from red beetroot. The uniqueness of this product relies on its content in potassium which is amenable to EFSA and FDA claims. Diana Food developed this product using its recognized expertise in varietal selection, agronomical practices, extraction capacity and analytical standardization. At Vitafoods, Diana Food will also showcase other consumer-driven natural health solutions targeting Immunity, Urinary comfort and Sports performance. Thanks to a unique and strong partnership with INAF – University of Laval, Diana Food is able to conduct clinical studies showing the positive impacts of selected fruits on age related health issues. Dr Yves Desjardins from INAF, recognized expert in this field, will be our guest on our booth and will be happy to meet with our customers.
    Stand: L112

  • Stepan Lipid Nutrition
    Stepan Lipid Nutrition will feature its portfolio of innovative ingredients, with a spotlight on its Marinol product line. Stepan Lipid Nutrition will present two samples that contain Marinol Omega-3 Triglycerides. OmegaWater and an Omega Smoothie. The OmegaWater has 80mg EPA DHA per 16oz. serving and is rich in vitamins A, D, and E with just 18 calories, and the Omega Smoothie multi-serving has up to 1500mg EPA DHA per 15ml serving. This high DHA concentration comes from the natural enzymatic process used to produce Marinol. The process uses no chemicals and reduces saturated fatty acids.
    Stand: C42

  • Cambridge Commodities
    Cambridge Commodities specializes in supplying nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, health & well-being, pet nutrition and food industries. With over 2,500 ingredients in stock, the company can help customers to create market leading products through their commitment to quality, service and innovation. Their company will present their brand new ProEarth vegan protein and meal replacement blends, functional gels, protein crispy balls, nootropic drinks and more. They will also be showcasing Plandai Biotechnology’s Phytofare, a high bioavailable and clinically proven EGCG green tea extract.
    Stand: F50

  • Capsugel
    DUOCAP Filled Capsules are a patented capsule-in-capsule delivery system, ideally suited for combination or dual release products. Created by a global dosage form manufacturer, Capsugel, the single oral dosage delivery system, provides a wide range of formulation and design options. Designed to meet the diverse needs of the growing consumer health and nutrition market, the innovative DUOCAP technology allows manufacturers to overcome complex formulation challenges, such as incompatible ingredients. By using Capsugel’s patented Licaps capsule sealing technology during the manufacturing process, high quality DUOCAP products are available on a commercial scale. The company will present DUOCAP products for healthy aging, sports nutrition and digestive health.
    Stand: I10

  • Denomega
    Denomega is a part of Orkla Health AS and is the leading supplier of premium natural marine omega 3 oils. Their oils are ideal in dietary supplements, functional foods and clinical nutrition. Denomega only uses ultra-fresh raw materials derived from the cold pure seas of Arctic Norway, with oils derived exclusively from sustainable fish stocks that are well regulated. 
    Denomega has received the prestigious “iTQi Superior Taste Award” for the taste and quality of oils. Denomega uses exceptional processing methods that are quick, thorough and gentle which gives us these great tasting oils of superior quality.
    Stand: I116

  • Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG
    Dr. Paul Lohmann is the world’s leading manufacturer of minerals, with the broadest available portfolio for the food and dietary supplement industries. At the company’s German facilities, they produce more than 400 minerals, designed to provide optimum performance across a wide range of applications. Their products are used e.g. for the mineral fortification of vegetarian lifestyle products, to improve the nutritional profile or for sodium reduction purposes. 
    Stand: F63

  • DuPont Nutrition & Health
    DuPont is the Probiotics Summit Education Program Sponsor and the Official Digestive Health Sponsor for Vitafoods Europe 2017. Through its Nutrition & Health business, DuPont addresses the world’s challenges in food: “by offering a wide range of sustainable, bio-based ingredients and solutions to provide safer, healthier and more nutritious food.” Their probiotic cultures are: “scientifically proven to help keep the digestive system running smoothly and to support the body’s immune system. Visitors can discover new opportunities to add documented health benefits to dairy, beverage, confectionery or frozen desserts products. 
    Stand: E22

  • Evolva
    Evolva will be show-casing it’s new brand for it’s trans-resveratrol. Veri-te resveratrol is a high quality ingredient brand for food supplements, foods and beverages, cosmetic and personal care applications. Made from an innovative fermentation process, their resveratrol has high purity, is contaminant free and consistent every batch. It has EU Novel foods approval, is made under cGMP and HACCP food safety conditions and is available as kosher and halal certified. Published research and clinical data suggests that resveratrol can play a role in healthy aging through bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose control, healthy cognitive function, skin youthfulness and oral health.
    Stand: G85