Anuga 2017 in pictures: High protein, craft, traceability...

Oct 2017

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  • The Chai Company 
    The Chai Company is looking to take its spiced tea concentrate into the European market as chai takes off.

  • Champ Burger
    The Champ Burger is a vegetarian burger made of white mushrooms (75 percent) in four flavors.

  • Java House
    Cold brewed coffee continues to trend with Java House being brought to European markets.

  • ChiA BiRDS
    ChAi BiRDS is an organic power drink with green tea, ginger, mint and lime.

  • Caffè Latesso
    High protein remains a key trend in dairy. Caffè Latesso Sport, with 16g per cup serving, is a fine example.

  • Rafael's Healthy & Tasty
    Super Good Bites are snack bites made with superfoods such as chia seeds. The line is marketed as natural nourishment.

  • Carmencita
    A fine innovation consisted of gin-tonic fusion botanicals in pyramids to aromatize a drink.

  • Doehler Group
    Doehler Group presented a wide range of sweet and savory healthier snacking concepts.

  • Innova Market Insights
    Novelty is a significant and growing driver of purchase decisions in China, said Innova Market Insights.

  • Winebeer
    Winebeer fuses sparkling wine with hops for “a nice contradiction.”

  • KAV
    Chai is trending in new product development and KAV highlighted its portfolio.

  • Austria Juice
    Austria Juice highlighted the role that the eyes have on the taste buds with flavors very different from what was expected.

  • Green Coco
    Green Coco founder Dr. Antonio Martins presented the company's coconut-based product innovations.

  • Retap
    Retap is an innovative concept for instantly flavored tap water in a variety of flavors.

  • Uludag Premium
    Uludag Premium has expanded into the non-beverage space with the launch of hydration products based on mineral water.

  • L'Italiana Aromi
    L'Italiana Aromi highlighted various innovative concepts with tea, including a stevia-sweetened option.

  • Omi’s
    The Omi's line of grandma-inspired desserts to drink now features an apricot dumpling variety as well as apple strudel.

  • Obrigado
    Obrigado took visitors inside its Brazilian coconut farm in VR.

  • Taste Innovation
    The Taste Innovation show presented some of the key innovations to find on this year's show floor.

  • Kri Kri
    Protein continues to trend and Kri Kri offered a high-protein ice cream with authentic Greek yogurt.

  • Camelicious
    Camelicious Endurance Drink combines camel milk and active energy ingredients, including guarana.

  • Diva’s
    Diva’s now offers a set of herbal tea infusions that function on a number of health platforms.

  • McCarter
    Functional plant milks are trending and McCarter offered a new high-protein line with ingredients such as almond protein.

  • The Vegetarian Butcher
    The Vegetarian Butcher highlighted a diverse portfolio of vegetarian alternatives to meat.

  • Gat Foods
    Gat Foods presented a sushi-style bar with on-trend beverage concepts.

  • followfish
    Traceability pioneer followfish exhibited its fair trade certified tuna, which it calls the first fair trade certified fish in Europe.

  • Mangajo UK Limited
    Yuzu is a trending Japanese fruit flavor to watch.

  • Döhler
    Döhler presented a wide range of ingredient applications, including dry solutions.

  • Andean Grain Products
    Andean Grain Products showed off its range of berry powders.

    ALB-GOLD is very proud of its new egg-free spätzle German pasta, which it calls the first of its kind.

  • Rawbite
    Rawbite’s range of bars on display included its popular cacao and apple cinnamon flavors.

  • Eurial
    At the Eurial stand, Sylvain showcased the use of the company's new mozzarella tray format.

  • Corman
    Corman showcased its omega 3 fortified butter product.

  • Alpro
    Alpro presented the latest flavor within its Go On high-protein range: strawberry/raspberry.