Fi Asia 2017: Clean label and plant-based ingredients dominate

Sep 2017

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  • IMCD from Thailand, which invited visitors to “be inspired,” is a distributor of specialty food and nutrition ingredients in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Americas. The company highlights how their technologists understand its customers’ recipes, applications and processes to deliver outstanding value.

  • Avebe presented its Eliane Gel 100, a modified waxy potato starch with unique properties that allows food manufacturers to create high-quality, creamy and indulgent fat-reduced soups, dressings and sauces. In addition, at higher use levels, the company states that Eliane Gel 100 forms a unique thermo-reversible gel that mimic the properties of gels formed by other hydrocolloids, enabling food manufacturers to create a full range of texture and consistency that meet consumer needs in sensory experience, convenience and nutrition. It is vegetarian Kosher and Halal certified.

  • DKSH from Thailand offers a market expansion service. The company is dedicated to sourcing and partners, supplying the food manufacturing industry with a range of ingredients that develop solution to meet customer and market needs through research and development, global sourcing, customer and supplier relations, logistics, warehousing and distribution. Its focus, divided into four categories, includes: beverage and dairy; processed foods and food services; nutrition and supplement; and confectionery and bakery.

  • Premium Foods Co., Ltd. showed off its “TFF” – Thai Flavor and Fragrance. The company says it offers air-dried products (vegetable, spices and herbs); spray-dried products (flavor powder, soy sauce powder, condiments, encapsulated spices, natural extract powder etc.); freeze-dried products (fruits and vegetables); frozen products (fresh fruits and vegetables, fried vegetables, finger foods etc.); and bakery products (filings, yam and glazed papaya).

  • CJ CheilJedang BIO exhibited its Aminature brand. The company specializes in manufacturing high-end functional amino acids and has developed various amino acid products such as L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, and L-Valine followed by L-Cystine, L-Cysteine (and its derivatives), L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Ornithine.

  • Tate & Lyle’s Claria Top-Gel has the exclusive ability to gel instantly. It improves shape retention, which is crucial to an efficient baking process. No other starch can duplicate this instant gel-forming functionality, according to the company. Furthermore, Claria Top-Gel has a unique ability to retain its gel structure even when exposed to high heat. The gel strength can be easily controlled for diverse applications with a range of textures. Claria Top-Gel is promoted as the ideal clean-label solution for baked goods, Tate & Lyle notes.

  • The launch of new stevia leaf-based flavors enhancer is something that PureCircle says significantly augments the cocoa flavors, enabling companies to produce products at a manageable price point. This new enhancer can be labeled as natural flavors on product ingredient labels. This breakthrough is said to build on PureCircle’s extensive range of flavors which allows them to enhance key benefits such as mouthfeel, sweetness quality and different tonalities across a wide range of applications. PureCircle’s new flavor enhancers are intended to bolster companies’ supply of limited cocoa powder ingredients, and thereby diversify risk strategies by introducing a plant-based solution. The new products will allow developers to reduce the amounts of cocoa alongside sugar without compromising taste, the company says.

  • PRObev from Milk Specialties is a whey protein isolate that is clear in solutions with good heat stability over a wide range of pH levels. It is produced by a proprietary filtration process that isolates native proteins in a highly concentrated form to provide maximum functionality. PRObev provides the benefits of a clear protein drink with a clean taste that is available in “refreshing flavors.” It’s very low in fat and carbs, provides high digestibility, and is not astringent, according to Milk Specialties. PRObev is said to have superior clarity and adds exceptional nutritional value in a variety of beverage applications. PRObev is available in liquid and powder form, and also available rBGH free.

  • Capsugel’s Licaps Duocap is a proprietary capsule-in-capsule delivery system that the company says is ideally suited for combination or dual release products. This single oral dosage delivery system, which involves inserting a smaller pre-filled capsule into a larger liquid-filled capsule, offers what are described as numerous possibilities and a broad range of formulation and design options. Capsugel also points out that Duocap can be used for immediate release or combined release – for example, solubilized prebiotics in the outer capsule and probiotics in the inner capsule. The prebiotic releases immediately and the probiotic releases later.

  • Agropur’s Glycomacropeptide (GMP) is described as a casein-derived protein fraction with superior purity. Agropur says it has developed a unique process by which a purified form of glycomacropeptide is isolated from the whey after cheesemaking. The result is a light colored, mild-tasting, free flowing powder ideal for usage in both functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications. There is no similar ingredient with such high purity, commercially available in the marketplace, the company says, as it contains 95 percent of total protein in the form of GMP. The high purity is critical to applications such as Phenylketonuria (PKU), where no alternative source of protein exists.

  • Emsland Group’s Empure AKJEL 200 is a pregelatinized, clean-label potato starch applied as an universal binding, thickening and texturizing agent in many food applications, especially for baked snacks. Empure AKJEL 200 provides excellent expansion and improves due to its origin the potato taste particularly in comparison with e.g. waxy maize alternatives in potato snacks, Emsland says. In snacks, Empure AKJEL 200 is said to homogeneous controlled water retention and uniform and homogeneous dough formation and elasticity, among other useful qualities.

  • Super Food Ingredients describes itself as one of the leading product innovators and manufacturers in Southeast Asia of instant coffee, tea and non-dairy creamer. It works in partnership with multinational food and beverage manufacturing and food-service companies, hotels, restaurants and cafes to create tailored products suitable for the food and beverage industry and markets.

  • Morinaga presented LAC-Shield, which was selected from Morinaga’s culture collection under the keyword of “immunity boosting.” LAC Shield is a heat-killed probiotic strain with high clinical efficacies to boost immunity. Most regular probiotic strains cannot survive harsh conditions and thus has limited applications in most foods. As LAC-Shield is a highly-stable strain, it can withstand harsh processing conditions and still retains clinical efficacy, Morinaga says. As such, LAC-Shield can be used in a wide variety of applications such as beverages, UHT products, bakery, confectionery, sauces and many other foods.

  • DPO International describes itself as a leading specialized food distribution company in the Asian region. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, DPO International operates over 25 offices and warehouses in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. DPO International offers a range of specialized services ranging from buying, shipping, storing, distributing, formulating, blending and repacking to managing regulatory affairs, marketing and selling.

  • Through scientific approach, BASF Nutrition highlights superior food ingredients and formulations that tackle the current and future challenges of human nutrition. It aims to provide the right nutrients to the right people at the right time – at every life stage. At the show, BASF highlighted the latest advances in the application of its nutritional ingredients.

  • Synergy Flavours (Thailand) Ltd. is part of a leading European manufacturer of sweet and savory flavors , yeast extract and dairy flavor solutions with full manufacturing, technical, commercial and marketing support in Thailand for all of Asia. Its products are said to deliver the highest quality taste solutions which inspire innovation. The company highlighted some chef-inspired dishes at this year’s event.

  • Kerry presented its Zesti SmokeCloud S-5: Natural Shelf Life Extension Flavour. Catering to consumers who are better-informed and want to know what is in their food, the company is looking for new and efficient ways to deliver safe and clean label foods, made with trusted ingredients, that taste better and last longer. Zesti Smoke Cloud S-5, Kerry’s smoke condensate, “takes smoke to a new level by naturally keeping food fresher for longer.” It is made from natural Hardwood and has been scientifically proven to inhibit bacterial and mold growth, and eliminate pathogens. Zesti Smoke Cloud S-5 can be applied to a wide variety of foods, including meats, seafood, dairy and fruits.

  • Roquette’s Nutralys Pea Protein was presented. The company says it is one of the plant-based ingredients that contains good source of protein similar to a cow’s milk. What’s more important, it contain no major allergens and is allowed to claim this. Using Roquette’s patented water technology, Nutralys Pea Protein is non-chemical treated when compared to most of the plant-based protein available on the market. Nutralys Pea Protein is also said to be GMO-free and suitable for various applications, from beverage to snacks and many more.

  • Glanbia presented its Sports Recovery RTM Beverage, Weight Management RTM Beverage and Muscle Mocha. For its Sports Recovery RTM Beverage, it noted that its dairy-based and functional proteins offer excellent nutritional value for post-workout recovery, along with superior solubility and heat stability. Its Weight Management RTM Beverage promises to combine the highest quality ingredients to create custom premixes that achieve optimal nutritional, functional and operational performance. Muscle Mocha is a “great tasting” hot coffee protein beverage from ProTherma, the heat stable hydrolyzed whey protein, and SatieTein, an “excellent source” of milk protein.

  • On display to FIA delegates were an array of beverage solutions made with Fonterra’s NZMP SureProtein ingredients, including a high protein water to support hydration and nutrition; Fast Milk Protein chocolate milk recovery drink; clean label high protein dairy beverages; and Barista Milk produced with Milk Protein Concentrate 4424 to provide foaming performance and sensory characteristics equal to pasteurized full-fat milk.