FiE 2017: Sugar reduction, proteins and performance dominate in Frankfurt

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Avebe promoted new texture and nutrition solutions for plant-based and healthy foods. Avebe takes an active role in the development of appealing, nutritional and healthy food products with potato-based solutions. The company shows some of its innovative plant-based concepts, such as gelatin-free foamed confections, dairy-free fruit desserts, sandwich slices and pizza toppings. Avebe launched the first microwaveable risotto based on their Eliane product. This is a “waxy potato” starch containing more than 95% amylopectin. With its potato protein Solanic100, Avebe combines quality with better sustainability and a “free-from” label. Formulating plant-based foods, such as meat and dairy alternatives, brings up many challenges, in order to deliver a texture and taste which appeals to the consumer. Avebe claims that these can be solved by using the Avebe Perfectasol range.



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