Fi Europe 2017: The companies to watch (J to Z)

Nov 2017

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  • Jaworski
    Jaworski is a manufacturer of dehydrated vegetables and herbs from Poland with over 30 years of tradition and capacity exceeding 7,000 tons annually. The company’s customer base includes producers of seasonings, ready meals and pet foods, as well as ingredient blenders from meat, fish and baking industries. They are FSSC 22000, Organic, SEDEX and Kosher certified.
    Stand: 11.1A11

  • Jelu-Werk Josef Ehrler GmbH & Co. KG
    Jelu-Werk is a food fiber specialist. Their natural plant fibers offer added value to food processors and consumers. Having outstanding properties for food production. The fibers can be used in a versatile and profitable manner, for example as an anti-caking agent, water-binding agent and fat replacer. At the same time, they act as a natural dietary fiber and contribute to a healthy diet. The company’s food fibers are used to manufacture bread and baked goods, meat and meat products, pasta and noodles, dairy products, frozen foods, confectionery, instant products and spices.
    Stand: 08.0Q77


  • Jungbunzlauer International AG
    Jungbunzlauer is one of the world’s leading producers of biodegradable ingredients of natural origin. They enable their customers to manufacture healthier, safer, tastier and more sustainable products. At the show, the company will showcase innovative solutions to meet the global food trends of sugar reduction, sodium reduction and mineral fortification. This year’s focus will demonstrate how their products excellently apply in “convenience-food” and “meat- and dairy alternatives” for improving taste, texture, freshness and nutritional values. Visitors can try their functional protein bar or nut clusters with sugar-free binder syrup and a sodium reduced soup with sub4salt.
    Stand: 08.0H60

  • Kalsec Europe Ltd.
    Kalsec, based in the US, is a leading producer of natural spice and herb extracts and has a global reach. Their natural product ranges include colors, spice and herb flavor extracts and antioxidants. For over 20 years, the company has had application laboratories in Europe which now include world-class analytical capabilities. The company will sample their products in culinary applications. Visitors can hear how their new capabilities in Europe can be used to support product development work.
    Stand: 08.0K49

  • Kancor Ingredients Ltd.
    Kancor Ingredients Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of global spice extraction, whose roots in the spice trade can be traced back to 1857. Partnering with V Mane Fils, one of the largest flavor & fragrance houses in the world, Kancor specializes in complete food ingredient solutions right from sourcing of raw materials, extraction, distillation and the purification of actives.
    Stand: 09.0D61

  • Kanegrade Ltd.
    Kanegrade is a leading supplier of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry. The products that Kanegrade will be showcasing include fruit juice concentrates/ compounds/blends, natural colors and extracts, flavors and seasonings for snacks & meats, vegetable and fruit products, functional ingredients, fish and meat extracts, nutraceuticals & phytonutrients, ice-cream inclusions, nuts and nut products. Kanegrade has launched its KANEBERRY trademark to promote its extensive natural colors range.
    Stand: 09.0F67

  • Kemin
    Kemin, a leading provider of shelf-life extension solutions, will launch its new frying solution FORTI-FRY. FORTI-FRY is a powerful combination of natural antioxidants which improves the oxidative stability as well as general performance of frying oils. The product prolongs the frying life of oil while decreasing the amount of foaming. Due to the powerful combination of natural antioxidants, specialty oils and innovative emulsifier system, FORTI-FRY promotes heat transfer, resulting in even browning of the food. The innovative product provides the industry with a label-friendly and costeffective solution that maintains the quality of both frying oil and fried product.
    Stand: 08.0Q71

  • Kerry
    Kerry is responding to consumer demand for real ingredients with better, more authentic and nutritious taste experiences. With 40 years’ experience and 24,000 staff on six continents, Kerry has a renewed focus on Taste & Nutrition where the science of taste merges with the science of nutrition. Kerry combines a deep understanding of taste with an in-depth knowledge of people, culture, life stage and daily nutritional needs. By partnering with Kerry, customers are taken on a journey to make food, beverage and pharma products that people enjoy and feel better about.
    Stand: 11.0G101

  • Layn
    Layn is a world leader in the identification development and production of active principles derived from plants for application in the food & beverage, nutrition, health and personal care industries. With its headquarters and brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Guilin, China, the R&D center in Shanghai and its branches in US, EMEA and LATAM region, Layn successfully covers the globe to support an overall efficient service to its customers. A leader in the production of monk fruit extract and other natural sweeteners like stevia and rubus, Layn also produces over 30 other botanical extracts. Layn is currently working with EFSA to certify the use of monk fruit extracts as a food additive in Europe.
    Stand: 11.0H30

  • Lecico GmbH
    With its strong worldwide network, Lecico has an optimal focus on various fluid or powder lecithins and high-quality phospholipids made of soy, sunflower, rapeseed or milk raw materials. The new sunflower fine powder Lecico Sun FP 400 offers versatile use in many applications. It is non-allergenic and highly concentrated in phospholipids. The organic fluid lecithins Lecico F 600 ORGANIC & SUN 400 have very good chemical characteristics and provide perfect viscosities. The organic powder lecithins P 900 Organic (soy) and SUN P 400 are pure phospholipids with highly-functional lecithin and unique surface-active properties for applications like baby food or eco-friendly food products.
    Stand: 08.0L41

  • Mantrose-Haeuser 
    Mantrose-Haeuser is a world leader in edible coatings and specialty products. The company has an extensive product line for the pharmaceutical/nutritional supplement industries, USP/EP/NF and globally certified glazes as well as HPMCs, while their confectionery glazes and polishes provide brilliant gloss, scuff resistance, anti-sticking properties that enhance the appearance and functionality of the finished product. They also offer stabilizing systems for bakery applications. AgriCoat NatureSeal is the leading company for extending the shelf-life of fresh-cut produce. Nature- Seal products are proprietary blends of vitamins & minerals maintaining color, texture & taste of fresh-cut produce. Nature- Seal FS is the first step for decontaminating produce before processing.
    Stand: 08.0A50

  • Merck
    Merck offers its color pallet of premium Candurin pearl effect colors of cool silver, classic gold or tempting red. These colors not add only beauty to food but also provide premium value by adding an irresistible iridescence. At this year’s FiE, Merck is exclusively presenting its unique next generation pigment Candurin NXT Silver Blossom.
    Stand: 09.0B71

  • Metarom Group
    Metarom Group is a French family- run business creating flavors and caramels for the food industry. Passionate since 1953, the company combines flexibility, reactivity and close relationships with clients, in order to provide a personalized response for every need. Their latest innovative flavor solution is ACTI’BOOST Sweet. It has been specifically designed to offset reduced sugar content of up to 30% in beverages. Labeled “natural flavoring,” it adapts to the specific features of each matrix: carbonated beverages, drinks made with juices, iced tea, etc.
    Stand: 09.0B61

  • Meurens Natural
    The NATU range, produced by Meurens Natural, presents a new range of spelt syrups with a wide variety of functionalities (sweetening, natural flavoring & coloring, texture, crunchy, etc.) for biscuits, cereal bars, breakfast, crackers, drinks, desserts etc. Thanks to a natural production process (no use of chemical additives or process), Meurens preserves the original characteristics of the raw materials, which allows for a cleaner and shorter label: “spelt syrup” instead of “glucose syrup” or “sugar.”
    Stand: 11.1D71

  • Mokate Ingredients
    Mokate Ingredients is an established manufacturer of a wide range of ingredients for food industry such as creamers for beverages, soups, sauces, cappuccino foamers, topping bases, fat powders and vending products. Certified with a range of highly recognized quality certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, IFS, BRC, Halal, Kosher. By joining RSPO, the company says it is going much further and promoting raw materials from areas that do not contribute to the destruction of natural ecosystems.
    Stand: 08.0R1

  • Nactis Flavors
    Nactis Flavors creates and proposes tastes and functional tailor- made solutions worldwide. Reducing sugar to improve products’ nutritional qualities is one of their focuses at FiE 2017. Their flavorists have formulated natural flavors that enable the reduction of sugar content in biscuits. Visitors will be able to taste their new natural flavors in biscuits. The company will also present a new range of complete formulations for sauce. Thanks to their extensive expertise in flavorings and spices, but also in functional ingredients, they have developed new modern sauce formulations. Some original flavors can be tested on the booth: Yuzu-basil vinaigrette, Tom-Yum mustard, Ultimate barbecue sauce (thanks to their smoke flavor expertise) and some more.
    Stand: 08.0A30

  • Olam Cocoa
    Olam Cocoa is the world’s foremost focused supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa products (cocoa powder, cocoa mass and cocoa butter). With its heritage of more than 100 years of excellence, the iconic deZaan spearheads our portfolio of respected cocoa brands, which includes: Unicao, an African origin brand; Joanes, a South American origin brand; the well-established Macao cocoa powders brand; the Britannia speciality and confectionery fats brand; and the recently launched Huysman cocoa powders brand. Join us in Hall 11 at Stand D100 during FIE 2017 to learn more about how we can support your cocoa ingredient and application development requirements, as well as our innovative new cocoa products such as the deZaan D11BK cocoa powder, the first ever nib alkalised, black cocoa powder that provides both great cocoa taste and very dark colour, without added sodium.
    Stand: 11.0D100

  • Omya International AG
    Omya will highlight its versatile range of natural calcium carbonates. These can be used as fortification agents, white pigments, bulk providers, extrusion aids and anti-caking agents. Additional ingredients from the company’s huge distribution portfolio enable holistic one-stop solutions for industries like pet foods, savory products and nutraceuticals. Omya’s products, bundled together under the Calcipur brand, have a very high elemental calcium content – approximately 40% – making them among the most concentrated sources of calcium on the market. As such, they are efficient fortification agents that can be used to enrich baby products, vegan drinks, bakery produce, snack bars and breakfast cereals. Depending on the dosage used, calcium-related claims can be included on pack. Omya will also be showing a wide range of specialty ingredients from its carefully selected portfolio, which includes flavor enhancers, natural food colors, antioxidants, sweeteners, preservatives, acidity regulators, filling agents and vitamins.
    Stand: 08.0P29 

  • Palsgaard A/S
    Global emulsifier specialist Palsgaard is ready to cement its position as the leader in sustainable emulsifier as it will present its full product range made from 100% RSPO certified segregated palm oil and produced in a CO2-neutral factory. How this has been achieved and how food manufacturers can benefit from this will be presented by Palsgaard CEO Jakob Thoisen at a seminar session on Wednesday 29 November at 4pm in the Discovery Theatre. In addition, Palsgaard will launch a series of palm-free emulsifiers for margarine, ice-cream and bakery.
    Stand: 08.0H4 

  • Paradise Fruits
    The two Paradise Fruits companies Solutions and Freeze Dried – based in Germany – rank among the leaders in the global fruit processing industry. As a specialist for fruit inclusions, Paradise Fruits Solutions offers a range of high fruit content granulates, shapes and pastes that feature low water-activity, bake stability and unique formulation design that can be customized to suit a great range of product applications, like snacking, bars, chocolate, bakery products, cereals and more. With state-of-the-art facilities, Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried provides an extensive range of high-quality freeze-dried products.
    Stand: 08.0L31

  • PB Gelatins/PB Leiner
    PB Gelatins/PB Leiner will be showcasing its latest premium product offering: the SOLUGEL BD SERIES. As agglomerated collagen peptides produced from highquality bovine materials, they result in improved dispersibility and solubility. This reduces the risks of dust and/or lump formation to the greatest extent possible, making it an ideal ingredient for applications in which instant solubility is a key factor. The SOLUGEL BD SERIES is very neutral in regard to both odor and flavor, which contributes to clean label innovations. The excellent organoleptic performance as well as their outstanding nutritional value makes them perfect for healthy products.
    Stand: 08.0J41

  • Philibert Savours 
    Thanks to 30 years of experience in the sourdough market, Philibert Savours is now a supplier of food ingredients for bakery, pastry and catering. The company will present their new innovative range of fruits flakes without artificial colors or synthetic flavorings: TOOFRUIT. TOOFRUIT applications are: chocolate, ice cream, pies, cakes & muffins, macarons & meringues, cream, filling, chantilly etc.
    Stand: 11.1D48 

  • Rhumveld, Winter & Konijn B.V.
    Rhumveld Winter & Konijn B.V. is an importer, exporter and distributor of a complete range of nuts, dried fruits, edible seeds and superfoods, with a sustainable business and well-established partnerships and agencies worldwide.
    Stand: 11.1D70

  • Roquette
    Roquette is a leader in specialty food ingredients. The products and solutions developed by the group deliver proven technological, nutritional and health benefits, that are precisely tailored to the nutrition and food markets. The company’s offering is produced from plant-based raw materials such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas. At Roquette, food producers only find high-quality ingredients: Nutralys plant proteins, Nutriose soluble fiber, Glucidex nutritive maltodextrins, Sweet- Pearl maltitol, XTAB range of directly compressible polyols etc.
    Stand: 08.0F43

  • Sensient Colors Europe GmbH
    Sensient will launch its Avalanche range, alternative to titanium dioxide, giving superior whitening effect in confectionery, sauces and instant drinks. Sensient’s coloring food range is extended with products now bringing new bright yellow and orange shades. Also on stand is a portfolio of palm free colors.
    Stand: 08.0C21

  • Sensus
    Sensus will present the very latest information on the value of chicory root fiber – a natural, prebiotic, soluble dietary fiber. Visitors can not only talk to experts, but also taste foods containing chicory root fiber. Chicory root fiber, also called inulin, is ideal for food manufacturers looking for a natural, clean label solution to create healthier foods with less sugar and fat, but no compromise on quality and texture. Sensus will give a 25-minute presentation about sugar reduction in the Discovery Theatre on Tuesday November 28 at 15:00.
    Stand: 08.0L50

  • Sipal Partners
    Sipal Partners, the specialist in non-refined organic cereals & dried fruits syrups, offers a wide variety of sweeteners, flavors, colors and other technical functionalities for all food and drink applications. The non-refining process preserves the benefit of the raw material (taste, colors, minerals) and enables natural and shorter labeling lists i.e. “oat syrup” instead of “glucose” or “sugar.” The company allows visitors to discover and taste the innovative oat range at their stand. The SIPA range consists of: wheat syrups, rice syrups, manioc syrup, corn syrup, barley malt syrup, oat syrup, spelt syrup, dried fruit juice concentrates (dates, figs and prunes).
    Stand: 11.1D71

  • Sisterna
    Sisterna sucrose esters are versatile emulsifiers that are suitable for a lot of applications, like milk alternatives and vegan ice-cream. In milk alternatives, the high HLB value of sucrose esters strongly lowers the surface tension, which results in the easy formation of very small oil droplets, thus ensuring stability and whiteness.
    Stand: 08.0R14

  • Solvay
    Solvay is the leading producer of vanillin, natural vanillin and ethylvanillin, serving the bakery, confectionery, food and beverage industries. It ensures to its customers the highest standards of purity, safety, eco-friendliness and security of supply thanks to its sites located on three continents. Driven by innovation, Solvay products offer exceptional properties for masking undesired off-notes and boosting the overall palate of final products to open new perspectives to segments such as high-protein nutrition.
    Stand: 11.0A100

  • SternMaid GmbH & Co. KG
    The contract manufacturer SternMaid will be introducing itself at FiE 2017 as an expert in blending, optimizing and filling food ingredients and supplements in powder form. Premixes, trial blends or sensitive applications – when it comes to compounding powders, the company can rely on comprehensive know-how and the latest technical equipment. In co-packing, the focus this year will be on retail packs and the new option of filling products into stand-up pouches. Besides its technical solutions, SternMaid will also present its wide spectrum of services.
    Stand: 08.0F59 

  • SternVitamin GmbH & Co. KG
    SternVitamin will show how manufacturers of foods, drinks and food supplements can generate new value-adding potential with special product concepts. The specialist in tailor-made vitamin and mineral premixes will present individualized micronutrient premixes for different target groups and to meet different requirements. The health and lifestyle concepts range from bone health through strengthening of the body’s defences and the cardiovascular system to beauty support. One example of the company’s wide range of products and services is the new premix for “healthy bones and a healthy heart”, that visitors to the exhibition can try out on the spot. The micronutrient mix takes up one of the top trends in the beverage market: fortified products based on water. The growth potential in this drink category is the highest worldwide, greater even than in other beverage categories. The vegan premix contains the vitamins B1 and B12 and vitamin C, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3. Organic powdered agave juice concentrate lends the product mild sweetness, while natural flavoring gives the drink a taste of “dark berry fruits”. In addition, SternVitamin will show how the health claims authorized by the EU can be used effectively for marketing purposes on the retail packs of the finished drink.
    Stand: 08.0C61

  • SVZ
    SVZ, a leading supplier of premium fruit and vegetable ingredients, is celebrating 150 years of expertise at this year’s FiE. The company will be showcasing its premium portfolio of high-quality, natural fruit and vegetable purees, juices and concentrates. SVZ’s wide range of ingredients, from raspberry and strawberry purees to spinach and carrot concentrates, is cultivated in the world’s finest growing regions for a variety of applications, from beverages and baby food to dairy products and baked goods. Visitors can sample SVZ’s natural and nutritious ingredients, either on their own or in the form of a specially-made cocktail, while accessing the agro supply chain, sustainability and applications knowledge of the SVZ experts.
    Stand: 08.0L50

  • Symrise AG
    At FiE 2017, Symrise Flavor and Symrise Diana Food embark with their visitors on an interactive journey into taste and food. Onion. Vanilla. Citrus. Banana. Beetroot. The excursion starts with a selection of natural raw materials at the Experience Center. It demonstrates how Symrise lives backward integration sustainably. Using modern techniques and comprehensive customer knowledge, Symrise turns these into popular concepts for food and beverages, and baby food – also meeting the demand for low-sugar, low-sodium or low-fat products. The journey ends in the gastronomy area where guests can sample product concepts à la Symrise: craft grill burgers, caramelized onion soup, trendy veggie dishes, craft colas, chocolate, banana smoothies, to name just a few.
    Stand: 08.0A71 

  • Taura Natural Ingredients
    JusFruit products from Taura Natural Ingredients are manufactured from real fruit ingredients using their unique Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC) process. They are bake stable, allergen-free, with low water activity, no added sugar, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Today Taura is going one step further by a completely new range of products with less fruit sugar in them. To manufacture fruit products with a lower total sugar count, Taura is using selected fruits that contain less sugar and more fiber.
    Stand: 11.0F98

  • Tereos
    Tereos will present its two new offers developed from its unique expertise and unparalleled portfolio of sweeteners, starches, fibers and proteins from natural sources. Sweet&You is a 360° reformulation service to optimize the nutritional profile, costefficiency, taste and texture in customers’ product formulations. Thanks to this new offer, Tereos intends to turn market challenges, such as sugar reduction or consumers’ ever-changing eating habits, into opportunities. To do so, Tereos delivers, with Sweet&You, a high-level service and a fast time-to-market. Tereos, the sweetening specialist, has the widest range of plant-based sweetening solutions available. Today, Tereos offers more than 400 different sweetening ingredients: from sugar and cereal sweeteners to stevia, from reduced to no calories sweetening products.
    Stand: 08.0A37 

  • Uelzena EG
    The milk specialist Uelzena will present a high-quality milk-based ingredients range and extraordinary contract processing services. The range includes skimmed milk powder, buttermilk powder, butter, anhydrous milk fat, sweetened condensed milk, cream and yogurt products, as well as customized milk fat products and premixes. The contract processing services are focused on drying natural colors and flavors as well as vitamins, minerals or other extracts. Contract processing of butter and AMF as well as standardizing and manufacturing of cream products complete this services. Uelzena Ingredients is a business unit of the Uelzena group. All products are produced in group-owned production plants in Northern Germany.
    Stand: 08.0J49

  • Univar Europe Ltd.
    Univar Food Ingredients provides innovative and inspiring solutions which support the latest consumer trends and demands across the food industry in EMEA. Univar offers its customers a versatile, specialty ingredient portfolio from world-leading supply partners, with in-house technical excellence, outstanding service and extensive supply chain services. At FiE 2017, Univar will be showcasing cutting-edge enzyme ingredients, high-quality protein ingredients and clean label algae ingredients from key supply partners in a variety of applications. This will demonstrate the versatility and expertise that Univar provides to the industry.
    Stand: 08.0P17

  • Vandemoortele
    Vandemoortele, a leading European margarines and fats producer, has launched a new innovation: Baker’s Pure Gold. This unique butter blend has a melting profile which is comparable to butter, allowing food producers to produce high-quality, tasty products at an affordable price. Especially with the current sky high butter prices, switching to Baker’s Pure Gold brings a significant cost saving, without compromising on taste.
    Stand: 09.0G77

  • Kyowa Hakko Europe GmbH
    Kyowa Hakko offers a line of high-quality, well-researched ingredients for functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Kyowa’s key branded ingredients include Cognizin Citicoline, a potent brain nutrient, Sustamine L-alany-L-glutamine for better hydration and endurance, and Setria Glutathione for immune support and detoxification. Recent research shows that Setria may brighten darker-toned skin as well as support skin elasticity. With a booming global market for skin lighteners and the current trend toward “beauty from within,” Setria shows great promise for new product development in this segment.
    Stand: 11.0H78

  • Tosla
    Tosla allows customers to clean reformulate their sweet products. Building on the consumers’ demand for natural products, the company delivers clean nutritional solutions. Their expertise is in: reduced sugar, GMO-free, allergen-free, chemical residues-free and clean label.
    Stand: 09.0H55

  • TIC Gums
    TIC Gums is a global leader in advanced texture and stabilization solutions for the food industry. Food and beverage companies rely on them to improve the texture, stability, consistency, nutritional profile and shelf appeal of their products. Legendary customer service, high-quality standards and the unrivaled knowledge of the company’s Gum Gurus have made TIC Gums the industry leader for more than 100 years.
    Stand: 08.0F2

  • Rousselot and Peptan
    Rousselot and Peptan are both brands of Darling Ingredients Inc. Rousselot is the global leader in gelatin and collagen peptides. Rousselot’s wide range of collagen peptides are marketed under the Peptan brand. The company works in partnership with customers all over the world, delivering innovative and advanced ingredient solutions that are manufactured through state-of-the-art operations. The company can help their customers achieve their goals, enabling them to create world-class pharmaceutical, food and nutritional products to inspire and excite today’s demanding consumers.
    Stand: 08.0J11

  • Nexira
    Nexira will present its latest botanical extracts delivering naturally occurring nutrients. Sourced in Brazil and carefully selected, their Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) and Guarana (Paullinia cupana Kunth) are manufactured in France at the company’s own factory with a gentle process and are both water extracted. 
    Their acerola contains 17% of native vitamin C which is traditionally the main ingredient used in immune health products and has various approved health claims in Europe. Their guarana contains 8% of native caffeine which is a natural and plant-based alternative.
    Stand: 08.0F52

  • Naturex
    This year, Naturex will be focusing on culinary creativity and indulgence, with an onsite kitchen, where our chefs will be cooking up mouth-watering recipes with ingredients from our various ranges. Among them, delicious, innovative ice rolls in a rainbow of colors, tasty sweet or savory waffles and a vitalizing water made with Panax ginseng and Yerba Mate. Visitors will be able to see the full range of possibilities from tasty crunchies and eye-catching natural colors to functional botanicals.
    Stand: 08.0P30