Vitafoods Europe 2018

May 2018

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  • Aker BioMarine 
    Aker BioMarine is a sustainable biotech company and supplier of Superba Krill oil with unique phospholipid-bound omega 3s (EPA & DHA), choline and astaxanthin. Superba krill oil capsules are clinically proven to raise omega 3 levels, easy to swallow and digest and are better utilized by the body. At Vitafoods, the company will be showcasing their new and exciting research into the health benefits of krill oil omega 3s and launching their new Superba Boost with Vitamin D combination ingredient.
    Stand: G30 

  • Anlit Ltd. Advanced
    Nutrition Supplements  Anlit Ltd., Israel, will launch a high-DHA omega 3 supplement in a single fish-shaped chew for pregnant women. Anlit’s “Omega  Bites” supplement line is a fun, chocolate flavored fish-shaped single-serving bite containing a high (103mg) concentration of DHA and 47mg EPA for a total of 150mg omega 3 fatty acids. This new supplement joins the OmegaBite high-DHA+EPA  line, which was launched last year.
    Stand: M129

  • Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd.
    Arjuna Natural Ltd. launches Shoden, its potent, all-natural ashwagandha extract, at Vitafoods 2018. Shoden is the highly purified extract of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), standardized with more than 35 percent glycowithanolides, the most active component of ashwagandha. Arjuna has invested in several ongoing clinical studies of Shoden that already have yielded promising and significant results as an ingredient for alleviating depression, stress, and sleep disturbances, and for improved immunomodulation and production of testosterone. Arjuna will also showcase TRILOW, its all-natural bioactive extract for cardiovascular health derived from amla, the Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica).
    Stand: J30

  • AstaReal AB
    AstaReal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Group and global pioneers and experts in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D and clinical science. They offer a variety of astaxanthin formats specialized to suit requirements in developing food supplements, cosmetics and pet feed. AstaReal products are Kosher, Halal, ISO9001:2008, HACCP certified and made in Sweden, USA and Japan. With 70 human clinical trials in their portfolio showing numerous health benefits, they claim to have the world’s most studied brand of natural astaxanthin.
    Stand: I44

  • Bifodan
    Fastmelt Probiotics from Bifodan is the original direct dose formulation for probiotics, featuring clinically documented probiotic strains in adequate amounts and delicious fruit flavors. Bifodan develops and manufactures innovative probiotic finished solutions for B2B customers worldwide. The company’s dedication to probiotics and expertise in research and development of probiotic dietary supplements is the foundation of the Yourbrand product portfolio.
    Stand: L35

  • BMP Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH
    BMP Group has over 40 years of experience in dealing with raw materials for the health food and flavor industry. They carry a constant stock of amino acids, extracts and offer a wide range of high-quality food additives and dietary supplements. BMP presents exclusively: • Lipocholine – the essential nutrient for fat burning, better heart function and increased mental power. • Guaranatu – the purest powerful guarana extract for ultimate endurance in training. • Glycopump – the natural glycerol supplement for improved endurance and hyperhydration. • Citrusyn – the amino acid for performance enhancement and instant muscle power.
    Stand: E169

  • Dr. Paul Lohmann
    Dr. Paul Lohmann specializes in the manufacture of high-quality mineral salts. The product portfolio includes more than 400 different mineral salts. • Microencapsulated Minerals: For high performance and stability. This product group is characterized by excellent taste masking properties. • Magnesium: One of the most important minerals in the human body. It is involved in the maintenance of bones and teeth, as well as neurotransmission and muscle contraction including heart muscle. These effects are proven by ten EFSA authorized health claims. • Mineral Malates: A new product group in the portfolio of Dr. Paul Lohmann. Beside different Sodium Malates to be used as acidity regulator, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc Malate can be offered for use in nutritional supplements.
    Stand: E65

  • DSM Nutritional Products
    DSM invites visitors to experience its vision of the nutrition of the future at Vitafoods Europe 2018, with insights and innovations that will enable customers to capture the opportunities changing the face of the industry. DSM will present its solutions for personalized nutrition, while attendees can take inspiration from pioneering new delivery formats developed by consumer insights and backed by technical studies.
    Stand: F10

  • DuPont Nutrition & Health
    DuPont Nutrition & Health, a business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, combines in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition with current research and expert science to deliver unmatched value to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. DuPont is proud to return as the Official Digestive Health Sponsor and Probiotics Resource & Development Forum Sponsor for Vitafoods Europe 2018. Visitors can discover new opportunities to add documented health benefits to their products with HOWARU Protect, a range of truly unique patented probiotic products to help maintain natural immune defenses.
    Stand: J10

  • Emsland Group
    Emsland uses renewable crops like potatoes and peas to produce high-quality starches, flakes and granules, special derivatives as well as proteins and fibers. Emsland offer solutions for trends such as clean label, gluten-free, fiber-enriched, sustainability, acrylamide reduction, vegan as well as non-GMO. All products are made in Germany and guaranteed Kosher and Halal certified. At the show the company will present their pea protein isolate Empro E86/Empro E86HV as well as extruded protein crisps Empro Tex, providing important nutritional and functional benefits.
    Stand: I192

  • Frutarom Health
    At Vitafoods, Frutarom Health will bring into focus four key health benefit platforms that are driving today’s health concerns, and will present ingredients that reflect the company’s commitment to science and quality in serving these platforms: • Cognitive Health: A broad portfolio of natural ingredients, including Sharp-PS phosphatidylserine (PS). • Cardiovascular Health: Natural ingredients that target different cardiovascular conditions. • Immune Health: A comprehensive portfolio of ingredients for the immune health market. • Urinary Health: A range of unique ingredients that focus on a serious concern for a rapidly growing number of consumers.
    Stand: C20

  • Giellepi SpA
    Giellepi offers a range of clinically tested medical devices and supplements in various therapeutic fields that can be marketed either with private labels or with Giellepi own brands. Giellepi is specialized in the development of innovative science-based natural ingredients. Their line includes Respecta, a unique oral probiotic with a proven mechanism of action for women suffering of vaginal dysbiosis.
    Stand: D20 

  • Glanbia Nutritionals
    Leading nutrition specialist Glanbia Nutritionals will be highlighting its innovative functional ingredients. Highlighting its knowledge and expertise in sports nutrition, Glanbia will showcase several new solutions, including IgniTOR, a proprietary enzyme blend designed to efficiently release Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and glutamine from protein, for better muscle protein synthesis and skeletal muscle growth. Also on the stand, Glanbia will present WheyXR, a whey protein concentrate using advanced protein polymerization technology, which gives a prolonged release of amino acids, supporting muscle growth and aiding a slower digestion rate.
    Stand: H82

  • Gold Coast Ingredients Inc.
    Gold Coast is a wholesale flavor and color manufacturer located in Los Angeles, US. The company offers organic, natural, non-GMO, allergen-free and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions. Their flavors are compatible with any product requirements. Gold Coast Ingredients is bringing new masking agents and sweetness enhancers to Vitafoods Europe. GCI Masking Agents are custom made for each nutraceutical application to help reduce unwanted tastes and bitterness of natural ingredients such as stevia, vegetable protein, amino acids, and fish oil.
    Stand: B42, I54

  • ID Nutra
    ID Nutra, founded 2016, HQ in Spain, is a company specialized in supplying nutraceuticals and nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness industry in Europe. They offer innovative solutions, as well as service their clients with trends and market insights. ID Nutra’s suppliers have developed innovative health beneficial products, good control of their supply chain, and offer the industry response to the trends in health and any formulation challenges they may meet. ID Nutra has a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector. ID Nutra is the commercial partner for Desert Labs in European Market, and market Hoodia parviflora solutions under the Trademark SatiPlus. The company will showcase ingredients within applications such as foods, drinks & supplements: unique, innovative and natural. For example, tortillas with seaweed & kale, smoothies with SatiPlus and more.
    Stand: I140

  • IMCD Switzerland AG
    IMCD has a solution driven approach to nutraceuticals. Their portfolio combines specialty actives and excipients to deliver synergies in both concept and finished dosage form development. Utilizing their laboratory in Cologne, Germany, the company develops market trend and science-based food supplement concepts in various novel dosage forms to assist with customer NPD.
    Stand: H72

  • Indena SpA 
    Indena will reveal two new products from its unique R&D pipeline. Besides the most recent clinical evidence on its leading turmeric brand Meriva, fully food grade delivery system (Phytosome) based on the scientific biomimetic approach, Indena brings to the market Quercetin Phytosome, and Vazguard. Quercetin, normally poorly bioavailable, through the Phytosome formulation was shown to provide plasmatic levels of up to 20 times (according to a pharmacokinetic cross-over study in healthy volunteers).
    Stand: E14

  • Ingredia SA
    Relying on its know-how and expertise, Ingredia proposes a new concept to enhance immune health thanks to the alliance of two highly effective and documented bioactives: Proferrin and probiotics. Proferrin is Ingredia’s native and pure lactoferrin. Proferrin comes from the premium milk of Ingredia’s cooperative and is the result of a gentle process that preserves its biological activity.
    Stand: F14

  • Kemin
    At Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, a division of Kemin Industries, they do more than just develop dietary ingredients – they create science-backed ingredients that meet real consumer health needs. Kemin offers customers the customized support they need to bring our ingredients to consumers worldwide. From technical services to formulation to consumer marketing insights, they are a resource to customers as they launch new products. Current brands include FloraGLO Lutein, Neumentix Phenolic Complex K110-42, XSurge, ZeaONE Zeaxanthin, Slendesta Potato Extract and AssuriTEA brand extract blends.
    Stand: C34

  • Kerry 
    Taste & Nutrition Company Kerry will allow visitors to taste their concepts, showcasing their functional ingredients and wellness portfolio. Kerry will offer insight into market trends and innovative solutions like Wellmune and Ganeden- BC30, to help customers reach mainstream consumers with cutting edge health solutions. They will also launch their innovative ProDiem 7304 plant protein which offers a clear solution for adding plant protein to low pH beverages. Kerry will present unique technologies in the Sports Nutrition and Probiotics Zones.
    Stand: A42

  • Lactalis Ingredients
    Lactalis Ingredients is a family owned business and belongs to Lactalis Group, the biggest dairy company in the world. They consistently offer quality proteins with versatile functionalities (instant, heat stable) and unique nutritional benefits. From caseins and whey proteins to PRONATIV and PROLACTA, their proteins are derived from high-quality milk collected from our passionate farmers.
    Stand: J129

  • Layn Corp.
    Founded in 1995, Layn pioneered the natural high-intensity sweetener industry and has been advancing its innovative ingredients for over two decades. Layn’s ingredients are uniquely designed to meet the needs of global manufacturers. Its portfolio of monk fruit, stevia extracts and other functional botanicals.
    Stand: L161

  • Lipofoods SLU
    Lipofoods SLU, Spain, will showcase Lipofer, a highly stable, vegan iron ingredient in a unique delivery system. Lipofer enhances the bioavailability of iron, has a surprisingly great flavor, and minimizes interactions with other components. At this year’s VitaFoods, Lipofoods SLU will introduce a new presentation concept called the “microencapsulation experience” to interactively present the benefits of its microencapsulated branded ingredients. This concept will allow Vitafoods visitors a full experience to “see, taste, and feel” while sampling simple, cleaner formulations such as orosoluble iron sticks.
    Stand: F189

  • Lycored
    Lycored, part of Adama Group, is a global leader in natural carotenoids for food, beverage and dietary supplement products. Lycored is at the forefront of unearthing and combining nature’s nutrition potential with cuttingedge science to develop natural ingredients and products. Products on show at Vitafoods Europe will include Lycoderm – Lycored’s unique supplementready blend which fosters skin wellness from the inside out. Lycoderm includes precise ratios of lycopene from tomatoes, phytoene and phytofluene.
    Stand: H40

  • Monteloeder S.L.
    Monteloeder is a Spanish biotech company established 1996. Their core business is branded ingredients, from Mediterranean plants, with clinical trials proving efficacy for different purposes: Beauty from within (Nutroxsun), Healthy Aging (Move¡PLX) and Metabolic Syndrome (MetabolAid).
    Stand: H59

  • NattoPharma ASA
    NattoPharma, the vitamin K2 R&D leader, continues to invest in true clinical science that further substantiates the bone and heart benefits of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7, the expert brand. The company claims to deliver the most comprehensive K2 portfolio on the market, meeting manufacturers’ and consumers’ needs. At this year’s Vitafoods Europe, NattoPharma introduces its new CryoCap, a microencapsulated MenaQ7 Vitamin K2. An advanced protective technology developed to ensure Vitamin K2 stability in even the most complex formulations, this solution-driven innovation ensures finished products deliver the proven benefits of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2, creating unparalleled value.
    Stand: C24

  • Nexira
    World leader in acacia gum, Nexira manufactures a wide range of natural products with recognized health benefits and scientific supports for digestive health, sports nutrition, cardiovascular health. EnoSTIM is a proprietary synergistic formulation of active ingredients. The company will present new results showing the improvement of erectile function. Nexira will feature its large range of clean label & organic ingredients and its expertise in women’s health with Exocyan (natural cranberry extracts), weight management with ID-alG (brown seaweed) and cognitive performance with Cognivia (sage extracts).
    Stand: F24

  • nutrineo – health food solutions by Uelzena
    nutrineo positions itself as the specialist for health food in Germany. The nutrineo team consists of experienced experts for private label solutions for: • Diet products; • Sports nutrition and; • Contract manufacturing. nutrineo offers all services for your brand – powders and ready-to-drink products from a single source. The service includes development, expertise and state-of-the-art production, scientific findings, market insights and networking skills. nutrineo will introduce some innovative concepts for RTD with collagen and much more.
    Stand: L72

  • NZMP
    NZMP is the dairy ingredients brand of Fonterra. NZMP ingredients are sold in more than 130 countries and can be found at the heart of some of the world’s most famous brands. NZMP claims to have one of the broadest ranges of ingredients in the dairy industry, providing hundreds of solutions to meet the needs of customers every day across all life stages. NZMP will present several new advanced ingredients including Fast MPC, which is a new milk protein concentrate that significantly increases the rate of amino acid digestion and absorption after consumption, and for infant nutrition applications, an expanded prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) portfolio.
    Stand: I202

  • PB Gelatins/PB Leiner
    As an established global player in gelatins and collagen, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner supplies a complete range of high-quality gelatins and Solugel collagen peptides. They were the first company to launch cold soluble products and offer a more convenient gelatin-based solution that provides significant advantages regarding preparation time, flexibility and cost-in-use. Their consistent quality, flexible approach and profound understanding of our customers’ businesses are recognized worldwide. Solugel BD Series are premium collagen peptides that are produced from high-quality bovine materials and feature excellent dispersion and a neutral odor and flavor. As an agglomerated product, they can be easily and rapidly dissolved, which makes them suitable for all “instant” applications, such as smoothie powders or collagen drinks.
    Stand: A34

  • Rousselot BV
    Rousselot introduces its exciting innovation for joint health supplements, Peptan IIm, a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix. A bioactive multi-tasker of natural origin, Peptan IIm is an all-round ingredient that offers multiple benefits in the critical area of joint health. Visitors will also discover how Rousselot’s new StabiCaps solution reduces cross-linking in soft gels and enhances shell stability and API release. Strawberry- flavored 3D functional gummies will be available to sample, made using the pioneering SiMoGel solution to produce gummies in a perfectly clean starchless environment. Product drying takes only minutes rather than hours. This enables faster processing times, cost-effective manufacturing and creative product shapes.
    Stand: H35

  • Stepan Lipid Nutrition
    Stepan Company’s Lipid Nutrition business offers food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers the opportunity to add value – and nutritional enhancements – to multiple consumer products. Certain Stepan-branded specialty nutritional oils and powders are proven to promote and maintain health and well-being and Stepan’s portfolio of branded ingredients are naturally derived, scientifically studied and carefully sourced. All of Stepan’s raw ingredients suppliers for nutrition products are audited regularly, ensuring consistency and purity. Stepan’s controlled supply chain and quality control monitoring program certifies that all suppliers meet Stepan’s stringent compliance standards.
    Stand: C51

  • Wacker Chemie AG
    Wacker provides unique solutions for powerful dietary supplement formulations. Most recently, a human clinical study revealed that Wacker’s highly pure hydroxytyrosol HTEssence can significantly reduce LDLcholesterol – which might lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Wacker also offers CAVAMAX CoQ10, a highly bioavailable Coenzyme Q10 complex which is capable of improving heart health. Wacker further displays CAVACURMIN, a gammadextrin complex that increases the phenolic compound’s bioavailability: A human clinical study proved that CAVACURMIN is about 40 times more efficiently absorbed than pure curcumin.
    Stand: H72

  • Weishardt International
    New and innovative developments regarding Naticol, Weishardt’s specific range of fish collagen peptides, include the last results of the clinical study about knee osteoarthritis after oral intake of Naticol (10g/d) for three months. They also cover scientific results about the hydration ability of Naticol and benefits to incorporate the solution into hair product formulae. Finally, Weishardt has more recently worked on an international patent deposit about effects of specific collagen peptides on intestinal comfort and microbiota. Weishardt will present a complete collagen tasting including water, sticks, gummies, coffee and their Cook&Care concept.
    Stand: F54

  • Lallemand Inc.
    Lallemand Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specializing in the development, production and marketing of yeast and bacteria, as well as other ingredients linked to these microorganisms or their markets. We offer documented probiotic strains and formulations combined with specifically designed delivery forms and flavors to target the needs of children, teenagers, and health conscious parents. These formulas can help address key issues: natural defenses, gut health, stress, and oral health. Part of this range are the clinically documented. Lallemand Health Solutions has developed a portfolio of specific probiotic strains to support gut health, boost natural immune defenses and deal with the stress of everyday life.
    Stand: H44

  • SternLife GmbH & Co. KG.
    SternLife GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures functional foods and food supplements. With its trend concepts "Natural Performance" and "Natural Supplements" SternLife will present attractive product ideas for manufacturers of branded products at this year's Vitafoods in Geneva. The Natural Performance range focuses on strong-selling beverage powders for athletes whereas the Natural Supplements range with food supplements will appeal to affluent target groups with an interest in beauty, detox and immunity.
    Stand: K34

  • SternVitamin GmbH & Co. KG
    SternVitamin provides Premixes for vegans and different age groups. SternVitamin will present micronutrient premixes that address individual consumer wishes, for example, vegans. Among other applications, these ingredient compositions can be used to make nutritional supplements and to enrich beverages, cereals and confections.
    Stand: K34

  • Quimdis
    This year, Quimdis celebrates its 30th anniversary as a very active importer and distributor of raw material for nutraceuticals, food, perfumery, flavors, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. We invite you to discover our last innovative ingredients. H2O Slim for your slimming formula: 25 x more active than regular chitosan in water solution. Oxystorm for your sports formula: nitrate surge for an instant nitric oxide boost and improve the stamina and reduce the recovery time as shown in clinical studies. ipowder: plant infusion concentrated on totum plant, fully restores all of nature’s wealth.
    Stand: F34

  • Sotecna
    Sotecna introduces NUTRELIX, a food grade snail extract for nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. NUTRELIX contains natural Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine and Mucoproteins, which are all known for their benefits in joint health and skin care. For example, they prevent skin aging by helping the skin & tissues to regenerate faster and give strength & elasticity to the joint. NUTRELIX powder can be used for pills/capsules/gummies formulation & liquid for syrup formulation.
    Stand Number:J67 

  • FrieslandCampina Creamy Creation
    New consumer groups and advancing technology lead to new and exciting segments: Slimming becomes Weight Management and High Protein becomes Balanced Sports Nutrition. Thirdly, partly as overlap with the 2 previously mentioned, Active Nutrition is appearing in the arena. Creamy Creation is offering well tasting RTD’s for all three segments, including LCD’s, Clear Protein Drinks, Breakfast on-the-go and Protein enriched Iced Coffee. Ambient stable for over 1 year, tailor made developments from ideation to market introduction between 6-12 months!
    Stand: D64

  • FrieslandCampina DMV
    FrieslandCampina DMV is a leader in nutritional and functional dairy protein solutions for the Sports Nutrition and Food Industry. We have nutritional and application expertise in casein protein, whey protein and a range of other dairy ingredients. It is our expertise in technology, global market trends, and ingredient functionality that sets us apart. Dairy protein is a unique protein and we have over 100 years experience with it!
    Stand: D64

  • Naturex
    Naturex will be showcasing its new Sweoat Bran ingredient. Oats are a naturally rich source of beta-glucan. The latest research demonstrates that oats and oat beta-glucan can be recommended as part of a healthy diet to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Internationally recognized associations support the role of oat beta-glucan, and specifically its viscosity, in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Also on show will be Aronox, an extract of the native North American superfruit, aronia. Aronia, also called black chokeberry, possesses a unique combination of phytonutrients and is particularly high in polyphenolics that help maintain cardiovascular health. Since 2005, the health benefits of Aronox have been investigated in several human clinical studies. 
    Stand: E10

  • Kyowa Hakko
    Kyowa Hakko offers a line of high-quality, well-researched ingredients for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food industries around the world by using its leading-edge fermentation technologies. Kyowa will introduce its key branded ingredients: Cognizin Citicoline, Setria Glutathione, Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine and Setria Performance Blend specifically targeting the sports and healthy aging sectors. We will also showcase some of the leading brands that already incorporate Kyowa branded ingredients in their finished products.
    Stand: L199

  • Balchem
    Balchem’s Nutrition and Pharma business unit manufactures and sells Albion Minerals, their brand of scientifically validated chelated minerals, and VitaCholine, their brand of the essential nutrient choline. Both brands provide premium ingredients that offer superior delivery of health benefits and are built on strong science and innovative technologies recognized worldwide for their quality, efficacy and safety.
    Stand: I84 

  • Cambridge Commodities 
    Cambridge Commodities specializes in supplying nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, health & wellbeing, pet nutrition and food industries. With over 2,500 ingredients in stock, we can help customers to create market-leading products through our commitment to quality, service and innovation.
    Visit our stand to try our exclusive mushroom-based vitamin D powder VitaShroom D®, nootropic drink, exciting new ProEarth® vegan protein flavours and much more.
    Stand: G20

  • Lesaffre Human Care LHC
    Lesaffre Human Care LHC is the business unit of Lesaffre Group, a world expert in fermentation dedicated to nutrition, health, and personal care businesses. LHC develops and supplies innovative solutions and ingredients of natural origin with scientifically proven efficacy, from yeast and bacteria fermentation, to the nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical and functional food industry. Meet our experts at Vitafoods to discover our latest innovations on vaginal health, yeast proteins and probiotics.
    Stand: I34

  • Covance Inc.
    Covance now offers integrated solutions that span the lifecycle of products. As a full-continuum partner of choice, their experts offer insights and services from concept to commercialization, including product and process development, nutritional and contaminant analysis and food safety consulting and training. Covance can provide custom, precision delivery and a passion for breakthrough products and science at their locations in North America, Europe and Asia.
    Stand: A72

  • CJ Europe GmbH
    CJ Bio, a business unit of CJ CheilJedang is a leading global bioingredients producer and supplier for the feed and food industry. They have broadened their product portfolio with various fermented amino acids. Recently, CJ has launched ferment L-Cysteine which will bring greater value to customers.
    Stand: F164 

  • Foodarom Group Inc.
    What happens when creativity and expertise merge? Foodarom – flavor designers and Corman – expert in butter solutions, push the boundaries of sports nutrition and create innovative flavor solutions! Discover our surprising concepts: Flavoured Protein Shakes & a High-Performance Coffee!  A hint of a powerful teamwork. Visit us at Vitafoods and create your own flavored shake!
    Stand: M76