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NutritionInsight06 February 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: The Link Between Nutrition and Cognitive Health

06 Feb 2017 --- The link between the types of foods we eat and our cognitive performance is becoming ever stronger. Increasing evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for optimal brain ... Read More

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NutritionInsight17 January 2017

Special Report: 2017 Nutrition Trends - What to Watch Out For

17 Jan 2017 --- As the New Year brings a fresh surge of consumers ready to sink their teeth into the hottest nutrition trends, NutritionInsight looks ahead at some of the ... Read More

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NutritionInsight16 December 2016

Special Report: Low FODMAP: Exploring The Latest Free-From Trend

16 Dec 2016 --- As 2016 draws to an end, the nutrition industry is looking ahead at some of the upcoming trends that look set to innovate the market in the coming year.

The low FODMAP diet ... Read More

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NutritionInsight15 November 2016

SPECIAL REPORT: The Rise of the Personalized Nutrition Trend

15 Nov 2016 --- Increasing numbers of studies suggest that nutrition guidelines don’t provide the “one size fits all” solution that has been promoted to consumers over the ... Read More

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NutritionInsight19 October 2016

SPECIAL REPORT: Nutrition for “Silvers” - How an Aging Population is Changing Nutritional Needs

19 Oct 2016 --- According to recent statistics, 8.5 percent of people worldwide (617 million) are now aged 65 and over, and this percentage is set to jump to nearly 17 percent of the world’s ... Read More